Friday, 23 January 2015

Feeling January'ish


I can't quite put my finger on it...but I'm feeling a little bit...well that's just it, maybe it's the January effect. Festivities over, house a bomb site, daughter with tonsillitis, dreary weather. Anyway I'm doing my best to snap out of it.

Earlier on today I took Heidi for her walk down the lane. There was a very heavy frost overnight and the ground was still slippery in places. It was good to get out, and at the time...though not any more the sun was shining. Heidi even managed a little 'skate' on some of the ice. I however was much more cautious about where I walked.

I took some photos too, but for some unknown reason I am making them magically appear on this page!!

Poor Emma is asleep on the sofa snuggled in a lovely warm blanket. She has tonsillitis, and although has been given a prescription for antibiotics has been asked to hold off using them if at all possible. Poor mite, she may be 19 now, but she'll always be my little girl. Sometimes it's nice to look back and remember how she was when she was younger. Cooking up something delicious...

And enjoying eating outside with her older brother and sister...

But today she is poorly, and though older than in these photos still needs me.

I've managed to complete and hand out another few bills to our customers. I'm sure they won't be pleased about it but I certainly am!

Last evening I made a pudding by just tipping a can of peaches into the bottom of a dish...keeping back some of the juice. A basic sponge mix with a little added milk over the top, and hey presto...there was one delicious pudding served with custard. More left for tonight too. I saw the idea of such simplicity over at remembering the old ways blogspot. That is one gorgeous blog if ever there was one. So homely and .... Well just lovely!

Whilst waiting for tea to cook last night I took a few snaps in the kitchen...playing with the camera on my phone...

A little something I made last autumn...


No snow outside for us...but this little fella is on the windowsill anyway!

And while getting the groceries yesterday morning these pleaded with me to take them I obliged...

Ah well, enough rambling for today.

J. x







  1. Hello.. I came across your blog through my friend Michelle and so glad I did.. Have been going through it a bit and love what you write about.. I live in Canada but love reading about your way of life in the UK... I could not find your follow widget but will try and put you on my reading list..
    Look forward to getting to know you.. smile..
    God bless..

    1. Good morning, and thank you for your lovely comment. Canada is somewhere I've always wanted to fact I always said if I was to go there it would be a one way ticket! But hey the grass is always greener. I imagine Anne Of Green Gables and I'm completely sold. And a widget...should I get one...well I never! I've done an extra shift at work to cover sickness late yesterday, slept in and done a couple hours with a resident recovering from surgery this morning, but later when I'm rested and fed I'll certainly look into it!! Oh and I'll more than likely be popping over to your blog to acquaint myself...kettle on please! Take care, J. x


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