Thursday, 1 January 2015

Another New Year

Goodness me...seeing in yet another year sure is making me feel older. It's a bittersweet feeling...the older you become the more life experiences you have to look back on...but swing the thought process and it could become quite maudlin.

I'll hope to enjoy reminiscing for a good few years yet. Hopefully 2015 will be the year we finally reach our Winters End. It would be the culmination of so many hopes and dreams.

The festive season has been a busy but enjoyable time. Simple gifts were exchanged between us. This time last year I was very keen to celebrate the festivals of old throughout the seasons. This very quickly wore off as work and other things just got in the way. I've come to the conclusion that I must be a heathen. My God is an Old Father Time Figure. There is also Mother Nature, I strongly feel a real draw to celebrate the Winter Solstice, and remember those no longer with us, but also look to the future. However I have no desire to set up an altar or join a coven, I just want to be a good person, and celebrate when and what I want to, making our own traditions along the way.

It frustrates me that so many people put their Christmas/Yule tree up really early, then pour scorn on those of us who want to keep ours up for the traditional season. A season that actually spans to Candlemass Eve.

Our broadband hasn't been working for most of Christmas, and though it is tonight, I don't think it's good enough to upload photos.

After working this morning, I've spent a very relaxing afternoon in front of the fire. Bliss. Tomorrow I have guests in the evening for a meal and card evening. Roast beef will be on the menu...yum. A good clean up needs to happen before then though. Just not this evening. No way.

I am well aware that for us rationing is due to start shortly. I will be writing about this in due course, but right now I have a very pressing need to finish some diploma units before next Wednesday. Ouch!

The cold weather has receded for now and we are being blasted by SW winds and rain. Rather yucky.

Happy New Year everyone.

J. x

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