Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Preparing For Snow

Well our weather here in Devon is nothing if not changeable. Yesterday was supposedly relatively mild, however factor in the wind chill and what it actually felt like was really rather cold. Apparently we're in for an arctic blast later this week. After my shift later on today I shall be home until early on Saturday. This means I do not want to be making unnecessary trips out for bits and bobs, so before work today I shall nip into a shop for more milk, and some fruit. Apart from these items we're well stocked.

Sooo...if the North wind doth blow I can be home based...read hunkering down by the fireside. I just hope if we do get anything much in the way of the white stuff it will still allow us to travel to Bristol on Monday as we have tickets to watch War Horse..a hotel booked too! I must hunt out a blanket to top our duvet with, as when it was extra cold a few days ago I was rather chilly at night.

So my itinerary for this morning is making sure there is enough dry firewood in to last through the cold spell...enough lighting material ready to start the fire, and to tidy the pantry cupboard I turned out after work on Sunday, but then realised just how tired I was...what you don't see is a photo of the mess my kitchen is in at present, however hopefully some semblance of order will return before lunchtime.

I do believe the photos I wanted to add the other day are now behaving themselves and will be available to upload so...

Heidi on ice...

More if the cold stuff...

And a strange thing...

J. x





Friday, 23 January 2015

Feeling January'ish


I can't quite put my finger on it...but I'm feeling a little bit...well that's just it, maybe it's the January effect. Festivities over, house a bomb site, daughter with tonsillitis, dreary weather. Anyway I'm doing my best to snap out of it.

Earlier on today I took Heidi for her walk down the lane. There was a very heavy frost overnight and the ground was still slippery in places. It was good to get out, and at the time...though not any more the sun was shining. Heidi even managed a little 'skate' on some of the ice. I however was much more cautious about where I walked.

I took some photos too, but for some unknown reason I am unable...read inept...at making them magically appear on this page!!

Poor Emma is asleep on the sofa snuggled in a lovely warm blanket. She has tonsillitis, and although has been given a prescription for antibiotics has been asked to hold off using them if at all possible. Poor mite, she may be 19 now, but she'll always be my little girl. Sometimes it's nice to look back and remember how she was when she was younger. Cooking up something delicious...

And enjoying eating outside with her older brother and sister...

But today she is poorly, and though older than in these photos still needs me.

I've managed to complete and hand out another few bills to our customers. I'm sure they won't be pleased about it but I certainly am!

Last evening I made a pudding by just tipping a can of peaches into the bottom of a dish...keeping back some of the juice. A basic sponge mix with a little added milk over the top, and hey presto...there was one delicious pudding served with custard. More left for tonight too. I saw the idea of such simplicity over at remembering the old ways blogspot. That is one gorgeous blog if ever there was one. So homely and .... Well just lovely!

Whilst waiting for tea to cook last night I took a few snaps in the kitchen...playing with the camera on my phone...

A little something I made last autumn...


No snow outside for us...but this little fella is on the windowsill anyway!

And while getting the groceries yesterday morning these pleaded with me to take them home...so I obliged...

Ah well, enough rambling for today.

J. x






Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Oh No It Didn't

Well sorting out the printer must have been all of my good luck for one day used up! Writing through Blogger isn't turning out as I would wish...I've downloaded desk...and now that won't let me into my blog. Oh bother!!

I'd simply have liked to type up posts on my Mac to post using blogsy...but no...blogsy doesn't go on a Mac...just an iPad. More bother.

Feeling as though I've wasted more than enough time on the matter, and to top things off nicely the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Hey ho...such is life.

What I should be doing is having a spruce up of the homestead...said residence is a little less than warm today though and leaving the fireside though an option is not one I wish to persue thanking you kindly.

So a picture...


Very dark I know...but you see, with such poor internet my photos haven't been flying over to the iPad as they should...

Did I mention I've sorted out the printer problem though!!

J. x


Testing Blogger

Just a quick post to test whether typing on Blogger instead of Blogsy shows up correctly.
J. x

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Well it was snowing here at about five o'clock. It has been blowing a hoolie and lightening, and more snow is forecast over night. Thank goodness I don't have to drive to work tomorrow morning. Our fire is lit, and our bottom sheet is finishing drying being draped over the logs. Rather rural here you know!

This morning I sat my maths exam for my City and Guilds diploma. I hope I did enough to pass. I don't think I've used a protractor since doing my O'level in 1983 until today!

Rationing has so far not caused any problems...but as yet only butter, bacon and sugar are rationed to us. I did manage to stretch a 400gm pack of minced beef to make a cottage pie for 6 on Sunday. It also fed hubby on Monday. Nothing amazing about that...however it also made another cottage pie that should give us another 4 plus servings. Nobody realised I'd added several porridge oats to the mix...rather surprising as my lot are rather a fussy bunch!

We have a heavily snoring dog in the living room. She's probably rather warm, but prefers to be where we are.

Tomorrow I need to have a real bash at the backlog of paperwork...I'm always on catchup where that's concerned. I'd rather spend my day off catching up on housework but hey ho it has to be done.

We took our festive tree down yesterday...yes ours stays up beyond Epiphany.

The Sunday after Epiphany is supposed to be the anniversary of the baptism of the baby Jesus, and all decor should stay up until the day after this...except if you take note of the commercialised idea of Christmas...the one that strangely begins in November. The Christmas season actually doesn't end until Candlemass.

So for us...tree down, but artificial greenery stays up until Candlemass. Long before what we now celebrate as Christmas, our ancestors were bringing greenery into their homes throughout Winter to reassure themselves that Spring was on it's way. So if it was good enough for my ancestors, it's got to be good enough for me also.

I'm not yet willing to buy Easter eggs!

Besides...we still have loads of chocolate and other naughties left to eat up...rationed of course!

J. x

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Let The Rationing Begin

The time has come...rationing is upon this household. Today the shopping has been sourced. I think the financial restraints I am having to impose on ourselves may well help me stick to the ethos of rationing.

Today has found me calculating and scribbling down, then jiggling some more. Finding ways of making each penny stretch to do the work of ten.

Only time will tell if my plans will work out...but aside from wanting to abide by the ww2 rationing system, we are hopeful of moving at some point during this year, and so any ways to scrimp and save in order that we have some play in our budget to make our new house a home will be welcomed.

Luckily at this time of year I always have a well stocked pantry and freezer which will help save some pennies for a month or so. We may even top up with rationed items to store that we don't desperately need at the moment to help us out in leaner times.

So this evening as I sit by the lovely warm fire plotting and planning for our future struggles, I can hear the wind howling outside. This is deepening my resolve to do whatever it takes to see this project through.

J. X

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Another New Year

Goodness me...seeing in yet another year sure is making me feel older. It's a bittersweet feeling...the older you become the more life experiences you have to look back on...but swing the thought process and it could become quite maudlin.

I'll hope to enjoy reminiscing for a good few years yet. Hopefully 2015 will be the year we finally reach our Winters End. It would be the culmination of so many hopes and dreams.

The festive season has been a busy but enjoyable time. Simple gifts were exchanged between us. This time last year I was very keen to celebrate the festivals of old throughout the seasons. This very quickly wore off as work and other things just got in the way. I've come to the conclusion that I must be a heathen. My God is an Old Father Time Figure. There is also Mother Nature, I strongly feel a real draw to celebrate the Winter Solstice, and remember those no longer with us, but also look to the future. However I have no desire to set up an altar or join a coven, I just want to be a good person, and celebrate when and what I want to, making our own traditions along the way.

It frustrates me that so many people put their Christmas/Yule tree up really early, then pour scorn on those of us who want to keep ours up for the traditional season. A season that actually spans to Candlemass Eve.

Our broadband hasn't been working for most of Christmas, and though it is tonight, I don't think it's good enough to upload photos.

After working this morning, I've spent a very relaxing afternoon in front of the fire. Bliss. Tomorrow I have guests in the evening for a meal and card evening. Roast beef will be on the menu...yum. A good clean up needs to happen before then though. Just not this evening. No way.

I am well aware that for us rationing is due to start shortly. I will be writing about this in due course, but right now I have a very pressing need to finish some diploma units before next Wednesday. Ouch!

The cold weather has receded for now and we are being blasted by SW winds and rain. Rather yucky.

Happy New Year everyone.

J. x