Tuesday, 9 December 2014

What Day Is It?

I'm feeling rather dazed and confused. I don't often do sleep ins at work, but the night before last I did. So in effect I did a 25 hour shift. Why exactly they are referred to as sleep ins puzzles me as sometimes there is very little sleep involved! I was tired from working the weekend anyway...that stint left me exhausted. Nay mind...at least I've earned back a little of what I lost to sickness last month. Tomorrow morning is another extra shift. Rub hands together!

Today has been rather a disaster from start to finish. Loads of things have just gone wrong. For example...after updating the computer software the printer won't work...arragggh! I thought a load of washing had finished in the very old machine I keep for boiler suits...but it hadn't so I had water all over the floor. A payment txt never came through so I had to start over...the list could go on, but all I want to do now is go to bed.

Here's hoping for a smoother ride tomorrow.

J. x

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