Tuesday, 23 December 2014

It's Late

As I write this it is late on Christmas Eve Eve. I have just topped my cakes with marzipan. This year I've skipped covering the sides. Tomorrow I shall whisk up some royal icing and create a snow scene on each of the two cakes.

Earlier I fetched hubby from his afternoon out with the 'lads'. There was a time when the call would have come late in the night, but this year I received the call before seven!! Oh to get older...

He appears to have had a good time. My heart goes out to those involved in the Glasgow tragedy yesterday. How people can move on from this I don't know. Hopefully with help they will someday be able to.

Our internet has been down for over a week. It is surprising just how much we all rely on it for different things from checking the weather to Internet banking. But now it's back...and long may it continue to do so.

Pressies are nearly all wrapped. Tomorrow I shall take the meats out of the freezer and find somewhere the mutt cannot reach (I hope!) I also need to stuff some dates....make yet another batch of mince pies...maybe some cheese straws...and what ever takes my fancy.

The tree and decs are up. The love I have for my family is great. I am blessed.

A final tidy up tomorrow and we should be good for a couple of days...I work on Boxing Day the early shift...so maybe tomorrow I will allow myself a tipple of something more so than Christmas Day.

Just need to water this beauty then I'm off to bed.

J. x


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