Friday, 26 December 2014

I Am Blessed

The wind is blowing wildly.

My family has either gone home or is in bed.

Even the dog is fast asleep.

Today I worked the early shift.

It was exhausting...

But I love my job.

I am blessed.

I am enjoying a quiet cup of tea and the beauty of our Christmas tree.

Tomorrow will be a day of rest compared to the past week or so.

I have eaten far too much rich food.

I shall need to lose a few pounds in the new year.

Rationing will soon be starting for us...

Tough times ahead.

Maybe we shall soon be able to move to our Winters End...

I hope so.

I have received a lovely thank you card and gift from my bosses for the work I did organising a performance by our residents.

It was exhausting, but worth every second of plotting and planning.

They did good!

I hope I helped to make them a memorable day.

Did I mention I love my job?!

Though this house is not my Winters is a home for us at the moment and for that I am grateful.

I don't want this evening to end.

I so need to become more organised...

Like that is ever going to happen!

Well...tomorrow I shall check to see just what was rationed and from when back in January 1940.

Luckily our cupboards are well stocked at the moment.

Like I said...

Tough times ahead.

J. x

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