Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A Walk on the Wildside

What a lovely day it is today. This morning I had to go into Torrington and meet my diploma tutor. Then it was back home to take out a happy dog on a lovely walk. Today we walked a stretch of the Tarka trail from Watergate towards Yarde. It was very quiet, and rather cold. At just past midday it was still frosty.

That's my girl...

And these are my new wellies! Just right for a muddy walk.

We walked for quite a way, trying to head for the sun, before lurriping back to the car. My iPad does soooo not want me to write the word lurriping so for devilment I'm going to write it again!

Much as it is gorgeous sitting here in the sun which is streaming in through the patio doors, I fear I should really be getting on with something a little more productive, so...

J. x


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