Sunday, 30 November 2014

Well What Do You Know

Have I finally sorted out my linking to google +. Maybe. I want to be able to comment as Winters End Rambler. Complicated stuff obviously!

I think I have obliterated my old google account but you never know. It may just turn up when I least expect it to.

This weekend I have been Christmas shopping. Frugally of course. We've decided to skip fancy crackers this year. We usually get repeats of jokes, and ill fitting hats, and bits and bobs that no one wants. This year I've bought some battery candles from Poundland, and inted to wrap some hessian and ribbon and a charm around each one. Real pretty like. Yep photos will be taken!

But for tonight I just want to chill for a bit before bed. Tomorrow will be a busy day. I've cut out some fancy Christmas shapes for our residents club.

Back is aching, throat still blinking sore at times. Night night.

J. x

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