Saturday, 29 November 2014


I'm afraid to say that on Thanksgiving day, I was in a very very bad mood. Basically someone I work with is a less than pleasant person, not just to me, but I take things too personally. This lovely person appears to know no bounds of rudeness. They haven't been working with me that long, but appear to be really upsetting the equilibrium of our work place. A big shame. When I get upset I seem to easily get clobbered by any virus going. Hoorah! This could be one fun season. I need to develop a thicker skin. I will not resort to being downright rude, but it is hard.
Anyway, my mood has lightened. I have been Christmas shopping...frugal style. We are on a budget, however my Hoover, well Sebo to be precise is making such a noise, there has been an order placed for its successor. The current poorly one will be kept for Esse cleaning, which is probably what has made it so poorly in the first place. Talking of Esse cleaning, ours sooted up badly in the week, and dear hubby cleaned it out, while I went off to work. He does not normally do this task...and yes the following morning the darn thing had sooted up again so I had to start from scratch. Arrrgggggh! The bottom piece of metal in the burner had not been put back in quite correctly. Hubby said he put it right but hey ho....a nasty job had to be repeated.
Then there has been the small issue of paperwork. Suffice to say that by early afternoon on Thursday it was a case of get out or pop. So I took myself out for a while. Aahhhhhh. Relax.
One of my five sisters came to stay yesterday and this afternoon we met up with another of our clan. Good fun, though I love them dearly I wouldn't want to live all together full time. Getting together is special though, and living a reasonable distance keeps it extra special for when we do meet up.
But this evening has been about sorting and wrapping. Tomorrow two of my three babies will be here for tea with their partners, the beef is thawing, and I'm going to be asking hubby to fetch his finest in from the vegetable plot!
If time allows I hope to start the Christmas cake and puddings. Let's make some memories tomorrow!
J. x

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