Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Getting Cold

Ok so it's November, and it's getting colder. As in brrrrr.

I've had the day off but haven't been feeling too well. Had a brisk walk with a friend though and then one with the mutt.

There was no wind and was lovely in the autumn sunshine. Later on when the sun was setting the temperature dropped considerably.

This evening we went to a local pub's bonfire and firework display. The car thermometer said 2.5*C on our way home. Luckily I had filled the woodburner up before we left and it soon sprung to life again.

Tomorrow I have a late shift to work. I'm hoping to get ahead with some menu planning. I'd also like to work out how to add a page on here so I can separate off pieces about how we do with our rationing experiment.

But for now with a very sore throat and throbbing head I really ought to give in and just go to bed.

J. x

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