Friday, 7 November 2014

And Then They Were Gone

Well today has found me mainly horizontal on the sofa after having to be driven home from work last evening. Brain power has obviously been limited and I started to fiddle with my blog. Then I started to fiddle with Google plus, not really liking it to be so public with my name associated with photos etc. So in my stupor I deleted the photos. Bam...something like that...but too late realising that removed them from my blog posts as well. What a plonker am I. Apologies to a lovely lady called Tania, I couldn't figure out how to publish your comments, that's why I replied via email...hope it reached you. Thankyou for your fine words of wisdom. All will be well in the end. Winters End is the name of a property in the book titled A Winters Tale by Tricia Ashley. I immediately fell in love with the name and am determined to call our forever home Winters End when we move. Anyway it will be our Winters end so just feels right.

Until today I'd always wondered why suddenly photos disappeared from people's I know the secret! Typing seems the only thing I'm capable of today...thankfully I haven't been sick since eleven this morning, so I may knuckle down and start entering the monthly wartime/now time comparisons in a bit.

Take care of yourselves everybody...there really are some nasty bugs going around at the moment, and just so the blog isn't completely naked of pictures here are a couple of random ones.

J. x




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