Saturday, 22 November 2014

And in a Blink November was Almost Over

Ok so being ill is no fun...but this thing has been going on for over 2 weeks now. I'm back to work this afternoon. I lost 3 1/3 shifts to being poorly, then had a week off to visit son up north...had a water infection to take with me. That was sooo much like not appreciated by me. But hopefully now it's gone...pity the same can't be said about the cough and recurring sore throat. Yuck...hubby says I keep snoring. Sexy too!!

While up north we visited the Gladstone pottery and Chatsworth. Both were lovely places. Hubby and son really enjoyed gawping at all the machinery workings at the mill and I enjoyed finding out about how they print onto paper to transfer patterns to the pottery. Chatsworth also had a Christmas market while we visited, and the house was decorated for Christmas with Alice In Wonderland as a theme.

Some dilly forgot to take the good camera and let her phone die at Chatsworth so has no pictures of the place. Below is one taken inside one of the old kilns at Gladstone.
Not very clear but the best I can offer.
I've been on a bit of a stock up food shop. I always do at this time of year, not just because I know rationg will be starting for us soon, more that if the weather turns bad I would rather be prepared than go on a panic buying dash as many folks seem to do.
With me having lost the 3 1/2 shifts to sickness, December is going to be a very lean month. Think I'll hunker down and finish projects and make things with what we already have. A wartime motto if ever there was one.
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