Friday, 3 October 2014

Wishful Thinking

In my heart I'm planning a move...

In my head is a whirr of ifs buts and maybes...

But the reality is that we're still playing the waiting game...

Surely soon...some days I feel as though I could burst with the sheer tension of it be so near but still so unsure.

It feels so unfair.

My head feels like it's somewhere in the clouds but my feet feel as though they're stuck in something very deep and glupey.

It is not what I would term a pleasant feeling.

But enough doom and gloom. Sunshine (son) has been home for a few days, though I've been feeling pretty rough, this morning he took me for a ride in his down in October! Quite pleasurable actually. Though we went shopping and you don't fit a lot in a Mazda!

But now with Chelsea bun dough in the breadmaker it's off to dog walk the mutt.

Happy days.

Here was going to be a picture...I know it's on the device, but it won't show up so I can't post it...must be shy.

J. x

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