Saturday, 18 October 2014

Taking Stock

I've been taking stock of a lot of things...not just in the pantry.

Been trying to count my blessings and not get too bogged down with the whole stress of waiting to move. It is proving to be easier said than done though.

Whilst trying to catch up on paperwork I've been watching episodes of wartime farm and wartime kitchen and garden. I'm going to have to go all out with ideas from these when the rationing experiment starts here in January. I am under no illusions that it will be an easy ride. We have had to take down our polytunnel before the autumn storms blew it away. This has been quite a blow to potential harvesting this autumn and winter. I am determined though. But oh how much easier it would be if we were in our own property, with a larger garden and able to erect our greenhouse....

Right now I'm just so tired. Be it the weather...worries, or this lingering cold, it's beginning to get to me. Hubby seems to have cottoned on and I'm being treated to tea out tonight! Best foot forward everyone.

J. x



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  1. Hello JackIe, nice to have you reading! Don't start all your rationing at once as it came in gradually during different years. Also hope you find the rations page useful. The next instalment is due shortly.


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