Monday, 20 October 2014

Jumping Salmon

Yesterday we went for an afternoon walk along part of the Tarka Trail. The weather was closing in...clouds looming...but off we went, me hubby and mutt. We were headed for here

Beam weir...earlier I'd had a text from a friend saying that the salmon were jumping. We sadly only got to see a couple jump, and I didn't manage to get a picture of that happening.

We also saw a heron today. It is here that I've seen otters playing. Maybe descendants of the famous Tarka.

I guess we'll have to come back to here again soon. Just as we arrived home the rains came...heavily. Tonight apparently we're going to get the tail end of a hurricane. Joy oh joy...

Tomorrow blustery...and I have to go out....fab....I'll have to conjure up some comfort food for tea, quite what I'm not sure yet....oh by the way....I'm horrified to announce the discovery yesterday of another little presence in the kitchen. Something very small, probably grey and furry...a mouse. This one has been fed some very special food...enough is enough after all.

J. x



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