Thursday, 9 October 2014

Comfort Food

Potatoes have to be amongst the top few comfort foods.

There are loads of different ways to prepare them.

This is one good way to use up cold boiled potatoes.

Weigh and mash your cold boiled spuds...add half the weight of potatoes in flour and mix...add half the amount of flour in fat of your Mother used to use suet, but I now prefer to use melted butter...add some sultanas and give it a good old mix...

Her we are before they go in the don't have to be too precise on temperature or cooking time...

We like ours cold and served with golden syrup...

Yum...well this is how me and my girls like it...hubby likes his as an accompaniment to his main meal...son doesn't care for it at all! So it's a girl thing obviously.

J. x


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