Saturday, 4 October 2014

And The Rain Came Sweeping In

Just as the mists came rolling in so has the rain come sweeping across us.

We cannot complain at all. September was gorgeous. We now need the rain....can't quite believe I'm writing this but it is true. So for now we have stormy skies. Goodbye leaves from the trees...hello the wonder of bare branches and early morning frosts. I will welcome you just as any other season.

What I don't welcome are the traditional round of colds/flu and other nasties that suddenly become more prevalent at this time of year.

Hubby and I are now both fighting some nasty little numbers!

Today I'm up to my elbows in preparing for our local harvest lunch.

Food everywhere but nothing to eat today!!

A busy day tomorrow awaits one who is not really feeling up to the job at all.

Never mind...I may allow myself to feel sorry over a glass of baileys later this evening.

Hoping the photo uploading issue has been overcome...

This is just what my body feels like at the moment...sloe...haha.

Sorry for that, lots of things bubbling away on the Esse.

J. x

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