Monday, 20 October 2014

Jumping Salmon

Yesterday we went for an afternoon walk along part of the Tarka Trail. The weather was closing in...clouds looming...but off we went, me hubby and mutt. We were headed for here

Beam weir...earlier I'd had a text from a friend saying that the salmon were jumping. We sadly only got to see a couple jump, and I didn't manage to get a picture of that happening.

We also saw a heron today. It is here that I've seen otters playing. Maybe descendants of the famous Tarka.

I guess we'll have to come back to here again soon. Just as we arrived home the rains came...heavily. Tonight apparently we're going to get the tail end of a hurricane. Joy oh joy...

Tomorrow blustery...and I have to go out....fab....I'll have to conjure up some comfort food for tea, quite what I'm not sure yet....oh by the way....I'm horrified to announce the discovery yesterday of another little presence in the kitchen. Something very small, probably grey and furry...a mouse. This one has been fed some very special food...enough is enough after all.

J. x



Saturday, 18 October 2014

Taking Stock

I've been taking stock of a lot of things...not just in the pantry.

Been trying to count my blessings and not get too bogged down with the whole stress of waiting to move. It is proving to be easier said than done though.

Whilst trying to catch up on paperwork I've been watching episodes of wartime farm and wartime kitchen and garden. I'm going to have to go all out with ideas from these when the rationing experiment starts here in January. I am under no illusions that it will be an easy ride. We have had to take down our polytunnel before the autumn storms blew it away. This has been quite a blow to potential harvesting this autumn and winter. I am determined though. But oh how much easier it would be if we were in our own property, with a larger garden and able to erect our greenhouse....

Right now I'm just so tired. Be it the weather...worries, or this lingering cold, it's beginning to get to me. Hubby seems to have cottoned on and I'm being treated to tea out tonight! Best foot forward everyone.

J. x



Tuesday, 14 October 2014


It's just after six o'clock and I have just pulled the curtains...

The woodburner is roaring...

What I'm about to share with you is really top secret...only you will know!

Here goes...

I'm easily distracted...

That's it I'm afraid...

The scoop of the century not, but for me it's a big thing...

Today I had planned to do office work all day...

Instead I went with my youngest job hunting. She has come to the heartbreaking decision that her current situation of being self employed in a salon as a beauty therapist is just not paying the bills.

She needs to earn some money. Just like we all do. I gave her help with an up to date CV and covering letter. And then off we went. I needed some supplies as well...exciting things such as washing powder and bisto...oh the fun we have had.

In truth I feel a teenie bit flat. She has not been earning a lot so she and her boyfriend very rarely get to go out anywhere like most other young couples do.

My youngest on paper doesn't come up to scratch of having a degree like our other two children but she does posess a lot of practical skills and common sense.

I so want her to be able to get a job and enjoy what she's doing.

If only we could move soon...where we have in mind would have a spare room she could carry on her business part time...another reason I am desperate for things to literally move along soon.

So this gadding about has left me approximately another six hours of office work behind. Tomorrow I have a late shift to do at my other job, now I guess I'll have to rise early and put a good few hours in before I start that shift.

I'm so not getting into paperwork this evening, I'd never sleep else.

On a lighter note this little fella jumped into our trolley today. I have plans to transform him in a week or so!


J. xx



Thursday, 9 October 2014

Comfort Food

Potatoes have to be amongst the top few comfort foods.

There are loads of different ways to prepare them.

This is one good way to use up cold boiled potatoes.

Weigh and mash your cold boiled spuds...add half the weight of potatoes in flour and mix...add half the amount of flour in fat of your Mother used to use suet, but I now prefer to use melted butter...add some sultanas and give it a good old mix...

Her we are before they go in the don't have to be too precise on temperature or cooking time...

We like ours cold and served with golden syrup...

Yum...well this is how me and my girls like it...hubby likes his as an accompaniment to his main meal...son doesn't care for it at all! So it's a girl thing obviously.

J. x


Saturday, 4 October 2014

And The Rain Came Sweeping In

Just as the mists came rolling in so has the rain come sweeping across us.

We cannot complain at all. September was gorgeous. We now need the rain....can't quite believe I'm writing this but it is true. So for now we have stormy skies. Goodbye leaves from the trees...hello the wonder of bare branches and early morning frosts. I will welcome you just as any other season.

What I don't welcome are the traditional round of colds/flu and other nasties that suddenly become more prevalent at this time of year.

Hubby and I are now both fighting some nasty little numbers!

Today I'm up to my elbows in preparing for our local harvest lunch.

Food everywhere but nothing to eat today!!

A busy day tomorrow awaits one who is not really feeling up to the job at all.

Never mind...I may allow myself to feel sorry over a glass of baileys later this evening.

Hoping the photo uploading issue has been overcome...

This is just what my body feels like at the moment...sloe...haha.

Sorry for that, lots of things bubbling away on the Esse.

J. x

Friday, 3 October 2014

Wishful Thinking

In my heart I'm planning a move...

In my head is a whirr of ifs buts and maybes...

But the reality is that we're still playing the waiting game...

Surely soon...some days I feel as though I could burst with the sheer tension of it be so near but still so unsure.

It feels so unfair.

My head feels like it's somewhere in the clouds but my feet feel as though they're stuck in something very deep and glupey.

It is not what I would term a pleasant feeling.

But enough doom and gloom. Sunshine (son) has been home for a few days, though I've been feeling pretty rough, this morning he took me for a ride in his down in October! Quite pleasurable actually. Though we went shopping and you don't fit a lot in a Mazda!

But now with Chelsea bun dough in the breadmaker it's off to dog walk the mutt.

Happy days.

Here was going to be a picture...I know it's on the device, but it won't show up so I can't post it...must be shy.

J. x

Thursday, 2 October 2014


Ever had that feeling of the rug being pulled from under your feet. It happened to me on Monday at work. Whoosh and the world went fuzzy. Recovering slightly I carried on till the end of my shift, then a rather unpleasant drive home feeling woozy.

That evening found me slumped on the sofa, the night of chills and raging temperatures. This carried on through Tuesday. But hey...I'm now off the sofa and hoping to be back at work later today. Albeit feeling a little sorry for myself. So right now I've found a little sun spot in my garden.

The dishes can wait...the dust can settle...I need to rest up a while.

I have one very sad dog. No walkies today, maybe later girl.

J. x