Wednesday, 17 September 2014

When Fido Gets Sick

An Anxious, and potentially heartbreaking scenario.

And guess who got sick this week.

One minute running around your legs begging for food, the next off her legs and being sick.

A trip to the vet later and thankfully she's doing ok, just lots of cuddles and whatever she wants to eat.

Bless you sweet puppy dog.

It seems autumn has arrived, the leaves are turning and falling, especially in the woodland. I have been picking blackberries whenever I can, after all come October it will be too late, we all know what the devil is said to do on them then! Pee if you didn't know.

My success in the polytunnel has been limited. A tunnel it seems is a good idea, everything romped away quickly, but then it became very hot and I would be out at work. The result, some wilting. Then came the damp, the result blight. I think when possible...and not in this garden we'll invest in a somewhat larger tunnel with a door opening at either end for improved ventilation.

I shall also be belt and bracing up against the dreaded cabbage white butterflies. They have almost eaten my entire crop of winter veg in the making.

It appears that the more salad we grow the less of it we eat so next time what I grow will be simplified. I'm ashamed to say I have been letting peppers rot on the plant because we don't care for them that much. I would fare better trying to live on rations next year with growing the basic staples like carrots and onions that we use almost every day.

Anyway I don't yet know where we will be next season so it would be prudent to grow some things in a moveable form early on just in case we up sticks. I'm trying sooo hard not to get stressed about this, but for those of you who have been there you know how hard it is not to get excited, then sad, then miserable, then fed up...get the picture?

Anyway, I'm upping sticks and going off to work shortly. It's a late one for me today, and tomorrow and the next day I have exams. Oh the joy of being a mature student!!

J. x


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