Sunday, 28 September 2014

Hedgerow Treasures

Getting ahead of the game is vitally important for a well stocked pantry this winter. The hedgerows are laden with vitamin rich treats...the trick is getting the berries out of the hedge without leaving too much of your flesh behind! I have quite sore arms at the moment.

This uninspiring looking panful of fruitfulness is the making of rosehip syrup. It actually tastes divine and I can't wait to pour some over ice cream and use it in the bottom of a sponge pudding.

This is a blackberry, apple and sloe fruit leather. Best for snacking on or I may try pieces in a cake.

Anyway there are a multitude of ways to store and preserve. All fairly hard work but in my opinion very rewarding to do. I've been picking and preparing again this morning, though sadly not blackberries as it was just too damp. I need to do a quick tidy up now before going to work...oh and I mustn't forget to shake the gins...sloe and blackberry.

So winter will come...but hopefullyI'll be ready!

J. x


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