Thursday, 4 September 2014

Another Beautiful Day

Again, it is a beautiful September Day. I have just finished our VAT return and submitted have escaped outdoors to soak up some of the sun's glorious rays.
I had begun to sweep up the yard...but my it's hot work at this time of a cool drink and a sit down seems more the ticket just at the moment.
The tin on our little she'd is making friendly noises as it heats and cools as the clouds pass by.
The leaves on the cherry tree are beginning to sound crinkly and make a rustling sound...soft whispers of autumn.
Our grass is long...far too long...a job for a man I think!
Washing is gently swaying on the line...birds are singing. Insects are buzzing. I cannot be tempted to go anywhere car is having it's MOT.
Sigh...more expense....there has been a lot of that lately, and I'm sure us on rationing isn't going to make things stop breaking down...
I have been picking blackberries and making use of our few cooking apples. They will soon be all gone, then instead of blackberry and apple crumble it will hopefully be pear.
The runner beans have not had a particularly good year this year...but I'm picking enough for us to eat most days...just not enough to make chutney.
Swallows have started to line up on the wires...a sure sign they are thinking of leaving us soon....a sad time for me.
For now though I have to be inventive with our meals...pennies are tight and we are living from the garden and freezer...even using up beauties such as these!

Two of their friends vanished down the plug hole...whole...what I didn't photograph was the huge pile of off cuts...slug eaten bits...lovely!
I have been on two weeks holiday from work...and originally didn't need to start back until next Wednesday...however it now feels a little like I have been robbed of two extra days as I have to go in on Monday...a shame but necessary.
Lovely though just sitting here day dreaming is I really do need to get myself motivated to sweep up the rest of the yard. I have a huge cow mat on my front step as the tiles are so slippery...however it't too heavy for me to move, and as hubby is off silaging I shall have to just scrub around it the best way I can.
Big sigh and humph...I wish I were stronger and didn't have to wait for my man.
Ah well.
J. x

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