Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who sent birthday greetings. It was nice to spend some time alone with my eldest daughter and have a good old catch up. Then a friend suprised me with a lovely bunch of flowers. Son and other daughter splashed out on a truly beautiful bouquet, hubby brought me a cup of tea in bed, and to cap it all we had our evening meal in the local pub. Slimming world went by the by for one evening!


The weather hasn't been quite so kind this weekend. On Sunday we were invited to a local manor house for a picnic. It stayed dry up until the words food's ready we're uttered. Though space inside wasn't a problem. How many homeowners when asked how many bedrooms their property had would reply...I don't actually know! Great company and a lovely spread though.

Yesterday by any standards I felt rotten in the morning...freezing with the cold and just horrid. I lit the fire and took out a lovely piece of roasting beef for tea. Eldest and her partner were duly invited, so six of us knoshed on a yummy tea. It was pouring with rain, so battery candles were lit, the curtains drawn and inside we were cosy. It may still be August, but if nature isn't going to play ball then neither am I.



Veg for tea was grown by hubby...the taste was wonderful but just look at some of the specimens I had to deal with...


Mr. and Mrs. Carrot and the skinny parsnip family.

Well enough dilly dallying...today paperwork awaits me...I really need to get stuck in, the weather isn't likely to intice me outside anytime soon so it should go reasonably well. Have fun doing what you're all doing.

J. x


Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Fast Moving Month

August...you have turned out soggy, cooler and breezier than I'd like you to be. I long for a late summer glorious afternoon stroll lazily picking blackberries. In reality I've been slogging it out at work...but stop...I now embark on a fortnight off.

Though wait...I will need to perform many miracles in the next two weeks. A house to be vigarously scrubbed and tidied. Paperwork to wade through. A garden to weed, clear up and prune into shape. Big sigh...no rest for the wicked.

Dreaming and longing for Winters End will have to be kerbed. No further forward motions sadly. Our time will come, just not quite yet. And with that thought I need to be satisfied.

Tomorrow though a day out with eldest daughter...and hopefully a well behaved dog. Relaxation and another year on the clock if you get my drift!

So chin up, best foot forward...Winters End will come eventually.

J. x