Saturday, 26 July 2014

Where Does It All Go?

The money that minute it's there sitting quite comfortably in the account...the next...boof gone.
I know the direct debits come out every month and account for them...but still there never seems to be anything left over for a buffer in case of harder times.
Things have to ease up a little so August will be a month of foraging in the freezer... The polytunnel is supplying us with a decent amount of vegetables and I may soon try some of the windfall apples...anything to cut our costs.
The oil guzzling Esse has been let out during the hot spell and I'm trying to use electricity wisely when the sun is out as we have solar panels on the roof. Washing is line dried baked whenever possible.
I've been working oodles of hours and seem to have very little at the end of the month to show for my efforts. I'm sorely cheesed off and intend to turn things around in the household accounts department.
So more Mrs. Nice and faithful customer for me...BT have been giving new customers way better deals than us loyals for too long...they had a phone call...result about £10 per month off our bill!
Oil...well we always shop around.
Electricity...on EDF ECO 20:20... Also have solar panels.
Water...just don't!! Can't have a meter they say...we would be paying over £90 per month...a phone call £71.30...still loads though, but the plants can have a good soaking.
TV licence...hardly watch it in the summer...but cold winter evenings...just over £12 per month. Pity we can't have a monthy subscription, just for the months we use it.
Food...just love it...probably buy too much and end up lobbing some...habit to stop pronto.
Electrical items...always compare prices...usually end up online...have bought higher quality this time in hope that they will last a lot longer.
The it safe to it legal to drive...does it fancy number plates required thank you!
Holidays...or lack of...maybe a couple of nights this autumn staying up country with our son...well using his house as a base to explore the peak district...sounds ideal to me. cherished but not spoilt rotten beautiful mutt! Luxurious walks in the countryside...a wheat and gluten free diet from the vets...very reasonable and worth every penny.
One husband...enjoys buying rubbish useful items at farm sales...needs to curb his hobby! Hard working...just not when at home individual who loves to be waited on...further training required!
Finally...what better to do on a baking hot evening than this.
J. x

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