Thursday, 3 July 2014


In my case for self sufficincy. I always have longed to be reasonably self sufficient, and I know that it's not practical, or possible especially at the moment..but one day who knows...

But what a truly wonderful feeling it would bring...not needing to go and buy anything...I know I was brought up on a romanticised The Good Life programme and hooray for it too, the reality would...well it doesn't bear thinking about even...but a girl can dream...thank goodness!!

Dreaming aside though, the hedgerows around my home are promising a bumper harvest of berries this hopefully I'll put my kitchen knowledge and practical skills to good use later in the summer and on into autumn. Thankfully the June drop wasn't too dramatic this year from our fruit trees at any rate, so each apple and pear will be a tasty addition to the pantry.

And thet's it for today really...I'm home, but have been hard at the mound of paperwork...looks like I need a lock in too, so no pictures taken time spent gazing at the flowers, just hard graft sat to the table. A brief respite just now for an early lunch of tinned salmon and salad...yum, so ta ta for now.

J. x

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