Thursday, 24 July 2014


Preparing for lots of things...children flying the nest leave an empty place in the heart...but for now I have just too much to do and plan for...could Winter's End be just around the corner?

Sitting outside...not wanting to go in, the weather has been so lovely, but I hear rumbles of thunder, the insects are annoying, the lure to be outside though is just too great at the moment.

The weight is coming off...slowly...too many celebrations...but I can live with that.

Would love to show you what I've been up to...but it's hard to show plots and plans from inside your head, but hopefully changes are near...big changes...changes I've longed and dreamed about for a full quarter of a century.

More rumbles...closer now, but I'm sitting tight...just.

A hot dog...lazing on the front porch...softly snoring...bliss.

Washing drying on the line...heavenly...though full on crispy towels I could live without!

So plots and hundred years has nearly gone by since the start of WW1.

75 years from WW2.

I intend to follow the WW2 rationing as it happened throught the war...only 75 years later...growing our own will become vitally important. Petrol will be on ration...I'm not giving up that totally and cycling...our road is too dangerous and I work odd shifts...but journeys will have to be planned and deemed necessary for anything other than work.

More rumbles...maybe I will retreat!!

J. x

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