Tuesday, 1 July 2014


A day off today...first a trip to fat club...another lb off...making 13 so far! Next a look around some homey type shops with a friend, and of course syn laden refreshments. Next the dreaded blood tests, followed by a visit to a sister in law who had an op last week, and finally home for some housework and cooking. After tea...maybe...just maybe I'll finally get to do some paperwork. Well maybe.

But for now, it's cup of tea time in the garden...who knows how long the fine weather will hold, so three linefulls of washing done today, albeit to varying degrees of cardboard stiffness, but hey, no more fabric softener...times are hard...isn't there a war looming possibly?!!

Talking of which...planning and more planning, I know roughly now what was rationed and by how much, but I still need to do more research on the value of points goods. These would change constantly, and I've been given the name of someone who works for the Imperial War Museum...lucky woman she'll be with me badgering her!! I've also spoken to some lovely older ladies from a nearby village who well remember what rationing was like to live through. I've promised to go back for more chat soon.

Polytunnel update...see for yourself...

Full to the brim...lovely.

J. x


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