Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Why I Feel Like There's A war On

For the last week or so I've spent much of my free time researching what it would be like to live off war-time rations. I seem to find the same information about certain aspects over and over again, but chunks of what I wish to know are missing. Bread apparently was only rationed after war had ended...but what about flour...could you buy that freely...could you obtain white flour at all....what about cornflour? I've resorted to ordering a book which I hope will answer some of my more in depth questions.

Now when I decided to go for this our household consisted of my husband and myself..our son and two frequently the two daughter's boyfriends. Quite a selection of coupon choices and rations to work with...but now eldest daughter has almost completed on buying a house with her boyfriend...probably leaving in a couple of weeks...and today I hear that the job that's been imminent for son could finally come to fruition in a couple of weeks. Which means as this is away that I'll be down to three point something people's rations. And as in wartime I'm going to miss them all terribly. I've been trying to tell myself that this is nothing compared to what the Mother's that had to wave goodbye to sons in wartime went through..but all the same I know it's going to hurt...badly.

I'm going to need a challenge to keep me occupied in my...cough splutter 'free time' and this is going to be it. I have vegetables growing at home...apples will be a problem for a no English ones yet. We have a few fruit trees of our own...yes still in tubs...but you bet that come autumn...every one of those pieces of fruit will be put to darn good use.

At our last house we had a huge vegetable not so much...I never used to have to buy an onion, now I wish to goodness we'd grown more this year, as I read they were very difficult to come by in wartime.

I'm also concerned about our usually prolific runnerbean harvest...the ones planted outside have either not grown...been descimated by hoards of slugs, or ripped to pieces by cold winds. I've planted three tub fulls in the poly tunnel and am hoping they provide an extended cropping season due to having the protection from the winds.

A friend has gifted me some young parsley seedlings, and before work this afternoon I need to purchase more compost, canes and maybe look at what I can extend our poly tunnel growing season with.

At our last home we nearly always kept chickens...I miss having chickens...but knowing that a move is hopefully shortly on the cards for us am aware that will be just one more thing to have to pick up and move. I don't think hubby will want me to keep chickens just yet!

The sun is shining... And I am blessed...not with what society knows as money...but I have a husband and three beautiful wonderful children that I love with all of my heart. I am sat in the garden surrounded by plants, some from my parents garden...heck some even had roots in grandparents gardens...the birds are singing, washing is drying on the line...I have a job that I love(most of the time!) I have independence in that I have a car of my own, I have the right to vote...and well this is my beautiful dog...who has been taken by eldest daughter to the school for children with challenging behaviour today and I'm missing like slobber for me today...

And yes she was wearing sunglasses!

J. x


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