Friday, 20 June 2014

Feeling Confused

Well I've researched, read and re-read various bits of information about the rationing in WW2...and quite frankly I'm slightly confused. My book came today...not quite what I was expecting, more a political statistical angle than bare facts, but in there it stated that shaving soap, scourers, shampoo, powders, dental soap and certain detergents were ration free. (Source Austerity In Britain by Ina Zweiniger-Bargielowska)

Don't think I like the sound of dental soap...but on the plus side I'm not going to feel guilty about washing the dishes, I will have shining locks and I shan't have to go all hairy and native! I don't use powder, so no win on that count.

Yesterday I went on a thankfully rare visit to the Dr. And apparently I need a blood test. Great. Do I eat red meat...ooohhh yes. Well looks like I'm a little lacking in this meat thingy is going to be a real challenge. Would you have been allowed more red meat if you were anemic during rationing. We are lucky enough to be having steak for tea, and roast beef on Sunday. I know I've been feeling constantly tired of late, but just kept putting it down to being busy. And with the diet's our night out tonight, maybe Guinness would be a good idea and a new item as a healthy extra! We'll see...anyway 9lbs lost so far.

I've been cramming the polytunnel full to the brim of all sorts of goodies. I've found it very hot hard work, but have 6 baby sprout plants planted into individual pots. Another cucumber plant came home with me today as one just isn't going to keep us supplied, and I hope to get that one sorted in just a while.

Believe me this is not an up to date's got much more than this in it now.

So there you have it, my exciting day!

J. x



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