Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Embracing The Brown

Today started out rather grey, but being my day off things improved drastically and mostly it has been glorious sunshine with a stiff breeze.

The tumble dryer was repaired last evening by clever finished drying his thick items like jeans...then stopped heating again! Fun fun ha ha! Not so bad with the sun shining though.

I spend many an hour searching for things...that safe place I left it know the sort of thing...I want to be more organised...I need to be more why the heck can't I get my act together and be more just isn't in me. I'm by my own admission always leaving things till the last minute. I seem to work better to a tight deadline...but sometimes I infuriate myself.

Today I've tackled half of our messy kitchen...washed the larger of the two...actually three, but one's behind a piece of furniture windows inside and out. Cleared off a bookcase, washed down the table and chair legs, and re-organised the fruit baskets..moving them out from a corner and using the apple crates to hold them along the back of my pushed to the wall island unit. Looks quite nice, and blocking some of the large window that's in the walkway line to the front door gives a bit more privacy.

Exciting day all in yep I've snuck outside for a while...taken some snaps, and am soaking up some of this lovely sunshine cos tomorrow it's back to work...and in a minute I'm going to start planning how I can ...almost without the rest of the household knowing...try to feed us all on ww2 rations! Well I do love a challenge. And putting on half a pound this week...though that's probably due to weighing at the late afternoon group instead of the morning one makes me even more determined to crack this nut.

This lazy dog refused to go very far on her walk today!

This is my foxy lady!

What we call The Collabear Rose... Originating from my mothers childhood garden.

Sweet honeysuckle...and of course proof...

I'm embracing the brown.

J. x






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