Thursday, 19 June 2014

A Shock

Today has been another beautiful if breezy day. I hung out three loads of washing...then decided to weigh out what would be a months ration of washing powder 6ozs...for a whole bloomin month! This looked sooo small so I decided to make it look better to add hubbys and daughters rations. Still OMG. This is it.

Apparently each person was allowed 4 coupons per month. Bearing in mind the need to wash ones self and hair and dishes as well...the above would have taken each of the three of us one of our 4 monthly coupons...bath sharing then anyone?

However...polite cough...if I thought there was a war coming...and I had the chance...I may have squirrelled away some provisions of such things as maybe just maybe washing powder. I do have a store at present of ingredients to make my own soap. A batch lasts us a year or more easily...sooo...big question...would I have been making my own soap prior to WW2. I'd like to think I would have.

So for the purposes of putting my painlessly as possible onto something akin to WW2 rations I will continue to make my own soap, handcream lipbalm and body butter with the ingredients I already have. I will use our coupons to buy washing powder as needed. I have a husband in agriculture and boy does he get dirty. My job as a support worker includes personal care tasks, so I'm not prepared to make do and just wash once a week.

I will also use our allotted coupons to buy a small bottle of washing up liquid per month. No dishwasher any more, so yes I know there was no detergent per se during the war, but lets face we do have it, and it's just as cheap as liquid soap.

If we were having to do this for real I'd definetely be keeping chickens and a pig.

It seems as though chicken was not part of the meat ration so as I live in the country, I'm going to presume I would have kept poultry for both eggs and meat.

That and the fact that sausages were mostly off the ration, and again I'm presuming that we'd rear our own pork...we have before...though I know that you would have to give a percentage to the war effort..I'm hoping to eek out the red meat allowance to cover our needs.

I'm hoping to start the rationing as soon as eldest daughter moves out...looks like that will be sometime in early July have until then to research everything else...such as what our fuel allowance would have been.

Another sticking point would have been our Esse runs on oil...would we have had it back then...and an electric but there's not a lot I can do to change these at the moment anyway. Perhaps I could cook at times over wood outside, but if we're still here in the winter even though I could cook on the woodburner realistically our place would be very cold and damp without the Esse going and that in turn runs radiators. If I have my way when we get to our Winters End I'd love a back boiler behind a woodburner, to heat water and maybe a radiator or two.

But until then it's defenitely a case of make do.

J. x


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