Monday, 30 June 2014

A Delay

I've decided to delay my challenge...but make a much bigger challenge commitment. So much is happening with coming and goings at the moment, and this year marks the 75th. anniversary of the start of the second world war. I intend to wait...and treat 3rd. September 2014 as if it were the first day of the war. I want to learn about what happened more, and have decided that to follow rationing as it truly happened, I need to run the length of it's course allowing for differences in rationing throughout the war and afterwards. So this challenge as far as possible will last for several years. Petrol will be an exception, but constraints will be put in place...the details I'm working on...for now if this was 1939 what would I be doing to prepare for a possible conflict? Don't laugh, when we were told that computers would crash at the millenium I stocked up on tinned foods!

I'm well aware that this us going to be one almighty commitment, doomed to failure and the lure of blackmarket goods will be ever present...but hey...My Dad had to fight the cause...I'm his daughter...I will give this my best shot.

J. x

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