Thursday, 15 May 2014


Just thought I'd mention, I managed to lose 2 1/2 lbs during my first week on the Slimming World eating plan. Sounded a tiny loss compared to some, but hey...that's nearly 5 pats of butter...yuck!

It will be a slimmer me that eventually moves to Winters End...talking of which there is no news to tell...still waiting the long wait.

Nearly all of our flower garden, as we've always been in rented accommodation and knew that we'd move on is in giant black pots...I mean giant too...think trees at the Chelsea Flower Show size! Unfortunately when we moved to here hubby squashed one or two whilst moving them with the loader, maybe eventually some will be relinquished to the soil at Winters End. The trouble is, I am so used to container gardening I'm no longer sure I will want to be working on large borders, we will just have to wait a bit longer and see what happens.

Colourful enough for you? The above piece was told to me to be 40 sts wide, 80 rows long, colourful and knitted in double knitting wool. Fast forward to last evenings W.I. Group meeting, apparently 80 rows were if you'd used really thin wool, lots were saying garter stitch should have been used, oh and eight inches was the required length. All I'm saying is that the above was the most colourful by a long long way! All the pieces donated are now being used to make charity blankets. I hope mine can still be used. Oh and W. I. bosses, make rules clearer next time please, I felt such a wally last night, what with Alison Murray being judge and guest speaker and all! For thise that don't know Alison is from All2Knit, heard of the knitted Christmas Tree, Gingerbread House and more, they've travelled all over the world for charity.

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