Friday, 4 April 2014

The Kettle's On

Good heavens...time does fly...since last I posted anything I've had a lovely weekend in Cornwall....oops photos on other computer. Had a week off work then back for a week and really...what...another week off! And back to work tomorrow. Waw!

House still a mess....check

Garden full of weeds...check

Dog looking woefully at me even though she's had a lovely walk...check

Pile of laundry still to be ironed...check

Paperwork strewn everywhere...check

Had my first run in with Annie Sloan paint...check (work in progress)

Sun just come out...check

Things not too bad after all...check

Analysis...overall nothing to worry about then...just the spills and spoils of family life, however for the past twelve months or so I have been suffering from a very painful tailbone and sometimes hip too. I think a fall injury was exasperated when I was using hoists in the old peoples home where I worked. Too late to cry over it now I suppose, no hoisting needed in my current position. But really enough pain is enough. Today I've ordered some special wedge shaped cushions with an area cut out where your tailbone goes...I live in hope.

It's either that or the baileys gets it! Seriously though...not funny.

Well as the title implies...the kettle's on, actually ours is literally always on, allbeit on the side of the esse. A good cup of tea, preferably assam in a lovely china cup or from a mug decorated with delicate rosebuds. Aah, and maybe, just maybe it will be warm enough to sit outside in a moment with such a cup as that!

I'm off to give it a go anyway, in this!

Take care,

J. x



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