Thursday, 10 April 2014

Ramblings At The Homestead...

Actually the title if this post should read Ramblings of a Semi-Lunatic in a 1970's about a fish out of water...I know that there are many people out in the big wide world who appreciate 1970's style, unfortunately I'm just not one of them! Give me a rambling, rundown period home anyday and I'll be happy.

If I never see another green patterned bathroom tile when I move from here I'll be extremely grateful. Axminster carpet...exactly the same as in our last house incidentally that is highly patterned and thankfully not of the orange persuasion...well.

A totally glass living room door...I kid you not, not even in a frame!

Thankfully the stone fireplace was removed, the varnished stone fireplace. However...a part of it still exists each side of the fire. Two little short pillar things with wooden tops. They are hidden beneath fabric. And please don't take my fabric away!!

The hatch that goes from kitchen to living room strangely has not bothered me as much as I thought it would at first. But I won't crave one in another least I hope I won't.

These ramblings are beginning to sound like moanings...perhaps because it's my day off and I have a dreadful headache and don't seem able to get warm...bowl nearby if you get my drift Luckily I put a spurt on with the housework this morning when I still felt half human...cos I fear that not much else is gonna get done round here this afternoon.

Hope this day finds you bouncing with energy and joy,

J. x

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