Sunday, 6 April 2014



The month of March,

Heralds the start of Spring,

When daffodils appear in the waving grass,

And the birds begin to sing.

The morning sun lifts a curtain,

From Winters icy grip,

The days begin to lengthen,

And our hearts begin to skip.

The hedges and trees are changing,

All bursting into leaf,

Preparing for the warmer months,

When time is always brief.

And the air is fresh and new,

All Filled with the sweet perfume,

Of the flowers that in Springtime

Choose to open up and bloom.

This is the rebirth of the land,

Just as it always has been so,

And may Nature forever continue in Spring,

To start the living things to grow.


No picture today...just this poem I wrote many years ago which my Mother loved. She died in March 2003, and it was read at her funeral.

Still miss you doing my best with the plants! Xxx

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