Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Silently Falls The Rain

And then they came...millions of clear droplets from the grey sky...almost silently...down to Mother Earth...proper doing good rain...warm rain...rain to wash windows and germinate seeds. Not misty rain or rain with howling winds...the threat of thunder lingering past the shower...but good all the same.

Terrible photo...but a happy one all the same...just before the rains came today.

J. x


Friday, 25 April 2014

Oh For Time...

Time...flies far too fast nowadays I find. I have so many things I wish to do...learn, try.

But when...and what is me time? I feel as though I need some whatever it may be.

Work...housework...being Mum...friend...sister aunt...wife.

Can anyone hope to get everyones needs right at just the right time.

Today i'm feeling that the demands are too great...I need to chill...relax...take some me time.

J. x


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A Day Closer

Today my head still feels full of sawdust, but...

We're one day closer to our move to Winters End...

That's how I keep working...keep smiling...keep loving...

Just sometimes it's hard....

The waiting...the longing....

To be where I want to be.

J. x

Monday, 21 April 2014

Just Thankful

No picture today, just because...

This weekend I really struggled into work with a sore throat and headache, knowing as it was Easter no one would want to cover my shifts.

Last night when I finished work and arrived home, well I was just thankful it was done.

Today I'm thankful for not feeling quite so unwell and at last it's stopped raining so I'm sat outside for a while. I do not have the energy to take photos, tea is grabbed bits and pieces from the freezer... But the birds are singing, bees are buzzing, I feel peaceful, and just for once the housework really doesn't matter.

J. x


Ok...yesterday I worked,

Yesterday I felt rotten,

Yesterday was hubbys birthday...

I left my two girls to decorate the cakes I had made...supposedly a Mum & baby hedgehog....


They encountered problems, what with the faces looking more like elephant trunks....so hubby ended up with this...


Hummm, tasty though!

J. x


Saturday, 19 April 2014

These Beauties

Yesterday I ordered two of these buffet plates,

And twelve of these dinnner plates...


These will all be packed up and ready to take to Winters End....can't wait!

Meanwhile I'll keep working hard to add to the set some more next month...

Hope Spring is being kind to you.

J. x


Thursday, 17 April 2014

Snuggle Time

Sadly for me, this is my weekend to work, however the compensation is tomorrow off and so no getting up with the alarm. I fully intend to not waste the day though...lots to do, including making up an Easter quiz for my not so young family. Oh and an egg hunt on Monday. Never too old for fun after all.

It would be nice to get out into the garden for a while too. Food could be bottom of the list. We have been getting some lovely sunshine, but have had a sneaky cold wind with it.

Lets see what it brings then.

J. x

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Ha! After work today, I went and spied this little beauty...

A Hockings ice cream van...of course I had one.

J. x


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Strange I Know

Yes today this made me happy....eventually

The new upgrade of Accountz Enterprise. Eventually because there were one or two hiccups installing and setting up the cloud backup.

So soon we, or rather I will start entering Hubbys long list of stock items for his agricultural mechanicing business....Lord help me!

This and all his treasure, aka rusting rubbish will come with us to Winters End.

J. x


Monday, 14 April 2014

Undeniably Exhausted

Well, today I did my first shadowing shift at a partner residential care home for learning disabled adults. Less, residents whom I've already met, but only one member of staff, though I was no. 2 today. Nothing difficult, just lots of new information to take in.

Then I get home to find both daughters home, one on Easter break from teaching at a school for challenging behaviour, and the other on her day off from being a beauty therapist....so of course when I came home from work, all the housework was done, tea in the oven, my cushions plumped. OK that's a slight exaggeration. I did the housework and put tea in the oven. And did the dishes, and they wonder why I'm ever so slightly grumpy!

Rant over

Good night,

J. x

Saturday, 12 April 2014

A Quickie Before Work

A quick post I mean...really you have a filthy mind if you were thinking of anything else!

This little chap makes me happy when I see him

He lives at The RHS Garden, Rosemoor...lucky fellow! Maybe next time I go there I'll see if his thermos flask is still warm...would be lovely to share a cuppa. Yep, daft I know.

Ta ra,

J. x


Friday, 11 April 2014

It's The Little Things

Sometimes...just sometimes....something teenie weenie can speak of so much...

This little beauty whispers softly in my ear...Summer's Coming!

J. x


A Good Idea

Yes...my hate of smelly expensive firelighters made me think to do this....after we'd run out if nice little lighting sticks...

First take a load of this


And do this to it...

Next take a sheet of newspaper, a tiny bit of sellotape, a handful of the above and make these...

Riddle fire...place two of these shreddie lighters in with a couple dry logs on the top, light and you should end up with something like this...

I would say cool...but I'd be wrong, cos it's warm...

This idea will travel with me to Winters End and make me happy!

J. x


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Headache Be Gone

Feeling yuck...head pounding. Early night. Hopfully better luck tomorrow.

Don't want to be taking too many days like this to Winters End.

J. x

Ramblings At The Homestead...

Actually the title if this post should read Ramblings of a Semi-Lunatic in a 1970's Bungalow...talk about a fish out of water...I know that there are many people out in the big wide world who appreciate 1970's style, unfortunately I'm just not one of them! Give me a rambling, rundown period home anyday and I'll be happy.

If I never see another green patterned bathroom tile when I move from here I'll be extremely grateful. Axminster carpet...exactly the same as in our last house incidentally that is highly patterned and thankfully not of the orange persuasion...well.

A totally glass living room door...I kid you not, not even in a frame!

Thankfully the stone fireplace was removed, the varnished stone fireplace. However...a part of it still exists each side of the fire. Two little short pillar things with wooden tops. They are hidden beneath fabric. And please don't take my fabric away!!

The hatch that goes from kitchen to living room strangely has not bothered me as much as I thought it would at first. But I won't crave one in another house...at least I hope I won't.

These ramblings are beginning to sound like moanings...perhaps because it's my day off and I have a dreadful headache and don't seem able to get warm...bowl nearby if you get my drift Luckily I put a spurt on with the housework this morning when I still felt half human...cos I fear that not much else is gonna get done round here this afternoon.

Hope this day finds you bouncing with energy and joy,

J. x

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

This Cutie...

Today's happy inspiration is none other than Miss Heidi herself. We've just come back from a lovely walk, the sun shone intermittantly, there's a keen wind a blowing...but it felt good...real good.

This is something or rather some doggie I really hope to take with me to Winters End.

J. x


Sunday, 6 April 2014



The month of March,

Heralds the start of Spring,

When daffodils appear in the waving grass,

And the birds begin to sing.

The morning sun lifts a curtain,

From Winters icy grip,

The days begin to lengthen,

And our hearts begin to skip.

The hedges and trees are changing,

All bursting into leaf,

Preparing for the warmer months,

When time is always brief.

And the air is fresh and new,

All Filled with the sweet perfume,

Of the flowers that in Springtime

Choose to open up and bloom.

This is the rebirth of the land,

Just as it always has been so,

And may Nature forever continue in Spring,

To start the living things to grow.


No picture today...just this poem I wrote many years ago which my Mother loved. She died in March 2003, and it was read at her funeral.

Still miss you Mum...am doing my best with the plants! Xxx

Saturday, 5 April 2014

And Todays Happy Picture Is...

Busy today. Work was quite full on. I love it though. I work with mentally disabled people and LOVE my job for all it's trials and challenges.

Here it is then...cheating really as I took this snap yesterday when the weather was kinder.

This cheerful forsythia was from my parents garden, or it's parent was anyway. Mum was a fantastic flower gardener, and Dad's forte was the vegetables...practically self sufficient..and that with seven children to feed.

Happy memories.

J. x


Friday, 4 April 2014

Positive Thinking

Sitting out the days...wishing I was somewhere else would be a total waste of life...to keep me going I intend to post a picture each day of something that makes me happy...and today it's...

Yes...a humble cup and saucer...one that will certainly be moving with us to Winters End when the time comes.

J. x


The Kettle's On

Good heavens...time does fly...since last I posted anything I've had a lovely weekend in Cornwall....oops photos on other computer. Had a week off work then back for a week and really...what...another week off! And back to work tomorrow. Waw!

House still a mess....check

Garden full of weeds...check

Dog looking woefully at me even though she's had a lovely walk...check

Pile of laundry still to be ironed...check

Paperwork strewn everywhere...check

Had my first run in with Annie Sloan paint...check (work in progress)

Sun just come out...check

Things not too bad after all...check

Analysis...overall nothing to worry about then...just the spills and spoils of family life, however for the past twelve months or so I have been suffering from a very painful tailbone and sometimes hip too. I think a fall injury was exasperated when I was using hoists in the old peoples home where I worked. Too late to cry over it now I suppose, no hoisting needed in my current position. But really enough pain is enough. Today I've ordered some special wedge shaped cushions with an area cut out where your tailbone goes...I live in hope.

It's either that or the baileys gets it! Seriously though...not funny.

Well as the title implies...the kettle's on, actually ours is literally always on, allbeit on the side of the esse. A good cup of tea, preferably assam in a lovely china cup or from a mug decorated with delicate rosebuds. Aah, and maybe, just maybe it will be warm enough to sit outside in a moment with such a cup as that!

I'm off to give it a go anyway, in this!

Take care,

J. x