Thursday, 6 February 2014

Cold Hands

Is it just hands have been sooo cold these past few ok the weather has been to be honest quite vile, but for the most part I've been coccooned in the kitchen doing paperwork. Esse fired up and all...but hands still cold. Brrrr... If only a little of this rain would fall as snow. Here in the SW it seems as if we need to grow webbed feet. So hot bot and extra socks it is.

Work later on today, then basically not much hometime till next Wednesday...think of payday...think of payday! Hey ho, so for the next hour it's downtime for me. This morning I have achieved all the paperwork goals I set myself for hubby...seriously now I'm out working he could do with learing little things like filing, and VAT but this I fear is highly unlikely.

I'm setting myself the challenge of setting aside one of my home days per week to be creative. I have so many projects to finish off. Even the socks I started and shared here last year just need a few ends attending to. On Monday I managed to create this...

So just have to keep it up...little projects, and some not so little. I soon need to make another batch of soap.

Well, back to blog hopping.... Sat by the Esse with a cup of tea and well wrapped in a shawl!

J. x


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