Friday, 28 February 2014

Boy it's cold outside!

No snow here...but cold.

I've been carpet cleaning....I have a small Bissell machine. After hours of twoing and frowing to the bathroom to fill up with water, my daughter and I decided to go for broke and with a large bowl saturated the carpet, let this soak in then sucked up the muck! Result! Only though we've gone from expresso colour to milky tea I won't be happy till it looks like springwater. Soon after we moved here builders came in to remove the dated stone fireplace...apparently taking out one doesn't require the use of dust sheeting except for about eighteen inches out...grrrrr....I came home to find filth everywhere...and bless them they'd trodden everywhere. Nuff said...blood pressure rising.

No will come clean...eventually.

It's been kind of weird round here without Clover, though it was time to let her go. Everytime I saw her towards the end my first glance would be at the large tumor she had. I hope she didn't recognise the pity in my eyes. As a puppy she was a right little monkey, always poking her nose into everything we were doing. I actually had to help her mum give birth to her as she was the last of the litter to be born and mum was getting very tired. Yep there sure are a lot of memories with her in.

Clover and her mum Bramble....miss you both. xxxx


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