Friday, 28 February 2014

Boy it's cold outside!

No snow here...but cold.

I've been carpet cleaning....I have a small Bissell machine. After hours of twoing and frowing to the bathroom to fill up with water, my daughter and I decided to go for broke and with a large bowl saturated the carpet, let this soak in then sucked up the muck! Result! Only though we've gone from expresso colour to milky tea I won't be happy till it looks like springwater. Soon after we moved here builders came in to remove the dated stone fireplace...apparently taking out one doesn't require the use of dust sheeting except for about eighteen inches out...grrrrr....I came home to find filth everywhere...and bless them they'd trodden everywhere. Nuff said...blood pressure rising.

No will come clean...eventually.

It's been kind of weird round here without Clover, though it was time to let her go. Everytime I saw her towards the end my first glance would be at the large tumor she had. I hope she didn't recognise the pity in my eyes. As a puppy she was a right little monkey, always poking her nose into everything we were doing. I actually had to help her mum give birth to her as she was the last of the litter to be born and mum was getting very tired. Yep there sure are a lot of memories with her in.

Clover and her mum Bramble....miss you both. xxxx


Monday, 17 February 2014

Thursday, 13 February 2014

And my best friend today....


Has to be this little's been cold again...lots of hail and sleet.

I should have gone to have a nice haircut this morning...followed by a bit of shopping....relaxing stuff...but

nothing, not even a cough from the car! Battery gone, caphoot, dead as the proverbial dodo! No haircut

today then. However, thanks to a friend I was able to get a lift to Lidl for necessary provisions, and Rosemoor

for coffe and chat...good friend!

The above is what happened to my barely a year old lovely Victorinox knife when being used by hubby to

prepare the Christmas turkey...oops...but yesterday a replacement came, and also a daddy sized version!

Happy chopping in our kitchen again now.

Keep safe...

J. x


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Long Hours at Work

Hallelula! Just finished six days of gruelling shifts. How I need some days off. Boy is it cold. Not anything like the megga cold of some past winters I have known, it's probably mainly the damp making it feel so chilly.

Anybody else enjoying watching snippets of the Winter Olympics. Tomorrow I think I'll light the fire, turn on the TV and do some viewing whilst perusing the paperwork. ..looking forward to it!

J. X


Thursday, 6 February 2014

Cold Hands

Is it just hands have been sooo cold these past few ok the weather has been to be honest quite vile, but for the most part I've been coccooned in the kitchen doing paperwork. Esse fired up and all...but hands still cold. Brrrr... If only a little of this rain would fall as snow. Here in the SW it seems as if we need to grow webbed feet. So hot bot and extra socks it is.

Work later on today, then basically not much hometime till next Wednesday...think of payday...think of payday! Hey ho, so for the next hour it's downtime for me. This morning I have achieved all the paperwork goals I set myself for hubby...seriously now I'm out working he could do with learing little things like filing, and VAT but this I fear is highly unlikely.

I'm setting myself the challenge of setting aside one of my home days per week to be creative. I have so many projects to finish off. Even the socks I started and shared here last year just need a few ends attending to. On Monday I managed to create this...

So just have to keep it up...little projects, and some not so little. I soon need to make another batch of soap.

Well, back to blog hopping.... Sat by the Esse with a cup of tea and well wrapped in a shawl!

J. x


Monday, 3 February 2014


Yesterday saw me preparing our family meal to celebrate the festival of Imbolc. The first time I have done anything to formally recognise this time of year, although I have always felt very strong seasonal connections and wanting to display various things for the changing year, before I never worked to a date.

We ate a meal of roast lamb followed by a Christmas pudding. Yum! On Saturday we took down the Yuletide decorations and put up more Spring like goodies. I purchased a couple of artificial boxwood garlands. Yes fresh is lovely, but on a mantle that gets warm just not practical at all.

I shall have to take more photos when the fire is lit . Not too long to wait...outside the winds are strong but thankfully drying...for now any way. Today is my last day home from work...tomorrow I do a ten hour shift, and feeling like it's round two of the cold virus coming, it could seem like a long old day!

After our meal last evening the family did the quiz I had prepared, no they did not know many of the correct answers, but with questions mainly about local knowledge....the hairy hands of dartmoor, the so called devils footprints in the snow in 1855, and the Americans offering to build Barnstaple a downstream bridge in the second world war, I hope they learned some very interesting facts.

We then opened our small gifts...these represent the excess of a Christmas stocking, but now divided up throughout the year between all the celebrations of old, I do hope this will become a treasured family tradition. Each season deserves to be honoured and celebrated fully.

Now I must make the most of this matter how cold and windy...

J. x