Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A Return To Winters End

April was the last time I wrote anything on here. Dear me... How things can change. Career path...I now have a lovely job working with mentally disabled people. What a pleasure and a challenge in equal measures!

Still in our rental home, maybe this will be the year it will happen for us....who knows. Twenty five years of waiting surely will end eventually?

Still have two dogs, but one is I fear coming to the end of her life with us. Soon she will return to her home of never ending peacefullness in the Summerlands. When this happens We will miss her dearly.

I have the week off... But just happen to be recovering from a nasty cold virus thingy, you know the sort, one that lulls you into thinking it's gone and the next day hey it's back again. Well the baking tins were all empty, and with tummies to fill I hunted through my Darina Allen's Forgotten Skills of Cookery book for something very simple to make... Flapjacks....yumm first melt a ton of butter, add syrup and vanilla extract, mix in sugar and oats...peasie!

The last photo is of said calories baking in the Esse cooker...forgot to take picture when they came in tin...shut...sssshhhhhh not quite all of them made it to the tin.

The weekend will find me taking down the last of the Yule decorations, and celebrating the festival of Imbolc. Candles will be left in our windows, although these will be battery ones for safety. I shall be quite sad at taking down what I've lived with since Winter Solstice, but excited at the promise of spring also. Twinkling lights will still be on the mantle, though no longer with ivy or holly. Box I'm led to believe is the way forward for this time of year!

Our evening meal is beginning to cook in the Esse, slices of succulent belly pork, with roast potatoes...sprouts and carrots are ready in their pans, and the apple sauce I made earlier. I'm not a great fan of hot apple sauce so like to prepare it early when possible.

The wood stove fire needs attention, and as I can begin to feel our mini cold snap arriving I really need to vacate this comfortable chair and attend to my duties..

Until next time,

J. x


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