Friday, 26 December 2014

I Am Blessed

The wind is blowing wildly.

My family has either gone home or is in bed.

Even the dog is fast asleep.

Today I worked the early shift.

It was exhausting...

But I love my job.

I am blessed.

I am enjoying a quiet cup of tea and the beauty of our Christmas tree.

Tomorrow will be a day of rest compared to the past week or so.

I have eaten far too much rich food.

I shall need to lose a few pounds in the new year.

Rationing will soon be starting for us...

Tough times ahead.

Maybe we shall soon be able to move to our Winters End...

I hope so.

I have received a lovely thank you card and gift from my bosses for the work I did organising a performance by our residents.

It was exhausting, but worth every second of plotting and planning.

They did good!

I hope I helped to make them a memorable day.

Did I mention I love my job?!

Though this house is not my Winters is a home for us at the moment and for that I am grateful.

I don't want this evening to end.

I so need to become more organised...

Like that is ever going to happen!

Well...tomorrow I shall check to see just what was rationed and from when back in January 1940.

Luckily our cupboards are well stocked at the moment.

Like I said...

Tough times ahead.

J. x

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

It's Late

As I write this it is late on Christmas Eve Eve. I have just topped my cakes with marzipan. This year I've skipped covering the sides. Tomorrow I shall whisk up some royal icing and create a snow scene on each of the two cakes.

Earlier I fetched hubby from his afternoon out with the 'lads'. There was a time when the call would have come late in the night, but this year I received the call before seven!! Oh to get older...

He appears to have had a good time. My heart goes out to those involved in the Glasgow tragedy yesterday. How people can move on from this I don't know. Hopefully with help they will someday be able to.

Our internet has been down for over a week. It is surprising just how much we all rely on it for different things from checking the weather to Internet banking. But now it's back...and long may it continue to do so.

Pressies are nearly all wrapped. Tomorrow I shall take the meats out of the freezer and find somewhere the mutt cannot reach (I hope!) I also need to stuff some dates....make yet another batch of mince pies...maybe some cheese straws...and what ever takes my fancy.

The tree and decs are up. The love I have for my family is great. I am blessed.

A final tidy up tomorrow and we should be good for a couple of days...I work on Boxing Day the early maybe tomorrow I will allow myself a tipple of something more so than Christmas Day.

Just need to water this beauty then I'm off to bed.

J. x


Friday, 12 December 2014

Mud And Frustration

I'm almost wandering around like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Everything I touch seems to be going wrong at the moment. I still cannot print anything. Frustrating.

Top that off with an unhealthy dose of mud...on my boots....on the dog...on my clothes. Mud + dirt = work

So yuck to it I say...what has happened to my festive spirit? Perhaps I'll find it at the work party tonight? Let's hope so...but for now I have a crust to earn!

J. x

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

What Day Is It?

I'm feeling rather dazed and confused. I don't often do sleep ins at work, but the night before last I did. So in effect I did a 25 hour shift. Why exactly they are referred to as sleep ins puzzles me as sometimes there is very little sleep involved! I was tired from working the weekend anyway...that stint left me exhausted. Nay least I've earned back a little of what I lost to sickness last month. Tomorrow morning is another extra shift. Rub hands together!

Today has been rather a disaster from start to finish. Loads of things have just gone wrong. For example...after updating the computer software the printer won't work...arragggh! I thought a load of washing had finished in the very old machine I keep for boiler suits...but it hadn't so I had water all over the floor. A payment txt never came through so I had to start over...the list could go on, but all I want to do now is go to bed.

Here's hoping for a smoother ride tomorrow.

J. x

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A Walk on the Wildside

What a lovely day it is today. This morning I had to go into Torrington and meet my diploma tutor. Then it was back home to take out a happy dog on a lovely walk. Today we walked a stretch of the Tarka trail from Watergate towards Yarde. It was very quiet, and rather cold. At just past midday it was still frosty.

That's my girl...

And these are my new wellies! Just right for a muddy walk.

We walked for quite a way, trying to head for the sun, before lurriping back to the car. My iPad does soooo not want me to write the word lurriping so for devilment I'm going to write it again!

Much as it is gorgeous sitting here in the sun which is streaming in through the patio doors, I fear I should really be getting on with something a little more productive, so...

J. x


Monday, 1 December 2014

I've Got The Feeling

You know the feeling....the special feeling....the one that makes you wildly abandon all sensible tasks to instead start doing things like this to your mantlepiece.


Think I've seen this fella somewhere before, but it looks like he wants to be on the mantle for now. I'm sure I have some beads to hang above the fire along with the felt heart garland made by eldest daughter a few years ago.

Hummm...a day at home tomorrow. Me thinks I'll try and crack on with finishing the VAT, so I can spend a little time playing decorating. Me likes this idea...coooool!

J. x


Sunday, 30 November 2014

Well What Do You Know

Have I finally sorted out my linking to google +. Maybe. I want to be able to comment as Winters End Rambler. Complicated stuff obviously!

I think I have obliterated my old google account but you never know. It may just turn up when I least expect it to.

This weekend I have been Christmas shopping. Frugally of course. We've decided to skip fancy crackers this year. We usually get repeats of jokes, and ill fitting hats, and bits and bobs that no one wants. This year I've bought some battery candles from Poundland, and inted to wrap some hessian and ribbon and a charm around each one. Real pretty like. Yep photos will be taken!

But for tonight I just want to chill for a bit before bed. Tomorrow will be a busy day. I've cut out some fancy Christmas shapes for our residents club.

Back is aching, throat still blinking sore at times. Night night.

J. x

Saturday, 29 November 2014


I'm afraid to say that on Thanksgiving day, I was in a very very bad mood. Basically someone I work with is a less than pleasant person, not just to me, but I take things too personally. This lovely person appears to know no bounds of rudeness. They haven't been working with me that long, but appear to be really upsetting the equilibrium of our work place. A big shame. When I get upset I seem to easily get clobbered by any virus going. Hoorah! This could be one fun season. I need to develop a thicker skin. I will not resort to being downright rude, but it is hard.
Anyway, my mood has lightened. I have been Christmas shopping...frugal style. We are on a budget, however my Hoover, well Sebo to be precise is making such a noise, there has been an order placed for its successor. The current poorly one will be kept for Esse cleaning, which is probably what has made it so poorly in the first place. Talking of Esse cleaning, ours sooted up badly in the week, and dear hubby cleaned it out, while I went off to work. He does not normally do this task...and yes the following morning the darn thing had sooted up again so I had to start from scratch. Arrrgggggh! The bottom piece of metal in the burner had not been put back in quite correctly. Hubby said he put it right but hey ho....a nasty job had to be repeated.
Then there has been the small issue of paperwork. Suffice to say that by early afternoon on Thursday it was a case of get out or pop. So I took myself out for a while. Aahhhhhh. Relax.
One of my five sisters came to stay yesterday and this afternoon we met up with another of our clan. Good fun, though I love them dearly I wouldn't want to live all together full time. Getting together is special though, and living a reasonable distance keeps it extra special for when we do meet up.
But this evening has been about sorting and wrapping. Tomorrow two of my three babies will be here for tea with their partners, the beef is thawing, and I'm going to be asking hubby to fetch his finest in from the vegetable plot!
If time allows I hope to start the Christmas cake and puddings. Let's make some memories tomorrow!
J. x

Saturday, 22 November 2014

And in a Blink November was Almost Over

Ok so being ill is no fun...but this thing has been going on for over 2 weeks now. I'm back to work this afternoon. I lost 3 1/3 shifts to being poorly, then had a week off to visit son up north...had a water infection to take with me. That was sooo much like not appreciated by me. But hopefully now it's gone...pity the same can't be said about the cough and recurring sore throat. Yuck...hubby says I keep snoring. Sexy too!!

While up north we visited the Gladstone pottery and Chatsworth. Both were lovely places. Hubby and son really enjoyed gawping at all the machinery workings at the mill and I enjoyed finding out about how they print onto paper to transfer patterns to the pottery. Chatsworth also had a Christmas market while we visited, and the house was decorated for Christmas with Alice In Wonderland as a theme.

Some dilly forgot to take the good camera and let her phone die at Chatsworth so has no pictures of the place. Below is one taken inside one of the old kilns at Gladstone.
Not very clear but the best I can offer.
I've been on a bit of a stock up food shop. I always do at this time of year, not just because I know rationg will be starting for us soon, more that if the weather turns bad I would rather be prepared than go on a panic buying dash as many folks seem to do.
With me having lost the 3 1/2 shifts to sickness, December is going to be a very lean month. Think I'll hunker down and finish projects and make things with what we already have. A wartime motto if ever there was one.
J. x




Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Going Through It

For over the past week I seem to have been going through it so to speak. First a sore throat, then upset tummy, then sickness, then headcold, and now for good measure a water infection. Have I done something to offend those upstairs? It's beginning to feel like it...and tomorrow hubby and I are travelling North to visit our son for a few days. I only hope I don't pass anything on, maybe a few days away will do me the world of good...hope so! In the last week I've lost 3 1/2 shifts due to illness. Yes these little bugs are proving rather expensive to have, but there was just no way I could have worked through it. Perhaps this will have been my quota of illness for the whole autumn/winter period. Let's hope so.

The trouble with being so fogged up is that no matter how much you try to do things like paperwork you just can't, and last night I was to be found looking in the fridge for a baking tray. Anybody else know the feeling. Brain doesn't want to work at the moment, and to be honest giving the amount of disgusting crap I've blown, sneezed and dripped out of my head it's no wonder. But for how much longer. I want to feel NOW!

Jobs are building always...I'd like to make our mantlepiece look a little more autumnal, change the china on the dresser, and generally cosy up now the nights are well and truly pulled in. In short I want cosy, warm, welcoming...I've resigned myself not to be moving this side of Christmas and that's OK. However if someone with lovely deep pockets could please buy the land and property up for sale by my inlaws I n the Spring I'd be ever do grateful.

So for the rest of the day it's a case of washing, ironing and packing everything we are going to need for our...wait for it...FIVE nights away, took some persuading of hubby that one, so I just told him it was that or nothing and if he didn't want or couldn't come I'd go on my own. Guess only went and worked! So tomorrow off we go. I'm getting excited now though I shall miss the dog and daughter that lives with us. Anyway, enough rambling I have things to do...

Yep this China needs to be put up when we get home!

J. x


Saturday, 8 November 2014

Resting Up

Still off work. Though haven't needed a bowl since eleven yesterday morning, feeling weak and washed out. It was raining heavily but now the sun is streaming through our patio doors showing up how dirty they are. For once I don't care, I have neither the energy or inclination to clean them right now. The woodburner is lit and somehow I have managed to make some pea and ham soup. It just needs blitzing. Having recently had a bowlful of disgusting tasting bought tinned soup I'm determined more than ever to make my own. Cheaper, tastier and probably more nutritious to boot. Win win.

I had intended to make my first ever batch of laundry liquid, but having been rather poorly am having to wait. I can't face grating up a bar of soap today.

So here I am...perusing a few of my favourite blogs. Keep writing and I'll keep reading!

J. x

Friday, 7 November 2014

And Then They Were Gone

Well today has found me mainly horizontal on the sofa after having to be driven home from work last evening. Brain power has obviously been limited and I started to fiddle with my blog. Then I started to fiddle with Google plus, not really liking it to be so public with my name associated with photos etc. So in my stupor I deleted the photos. Bam...something like that...but too late realising that removed them from my blog posts as well. What a plonker am I. Apologies to a lovely lady called Tania, I couldn't figure out how to publish your comments, that's why I replied via email...hope it reached you. Thankyou for your fine words of wisdom. All will be well in the end. Winters End is the name of a property in the book titled A Winters Tale by Tricia Ashley. I immediately fell in love with the name and am determined to call our forever home Winters End when we move. Anyway it will be our Winters end so just feels right.

Until today I'd always wondered why suddenly photos disappeared from people's I know the secret! Typing seems the only thing I'm capable of today...thankfully I haven't been sick since eleven this morning, so I may knuckle down and start entering the monthly wartime/now time comparisons in a bit.

Take care of yourselves everybody...there really are some nasty bugs going around at the moment, and just so the blog isn't completely naked of pictures here are a couple of random ones.

J. x




Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Getting Cold

Ok so it's November, and it's getting colder. As in brrrrr.

I've had the day off but haven't been feeling too well. Had a brisk walk with a friend though and then one with the mutt.

There was no wind and was lovely in the autumn sunshine. Later on when the sun was setting the temperature dropped considerably.

This evening we went to a local pub's bonfire and firework display. The car thermometer said 2.5*C on our way home. Luckily I had filled the woodburner up before we left and it soon sprung to life again.

Tomorrow I have a late shift to work. I'm hoping to get ahead with some menu planning. I'd also like to work out how to add a page on here so I can separate off pieces about how we do with our rationing experiment.

But for now with a very sore throat and throbbing head I really ought to give in and just go to bed.

J. x

Monday, 3 November 2014

Dear Dad...

Dear is nearly five whole years since you took your last breath on this Earth, and shortly before you died you pleaded with me to write about it. Something about WW2, I didn't understand exactly what and so all this time later, I, in your memory have decided to give living on wartime rations as they happened only 75 years on a serious attempt. I no longer have you or Mum to talk to, so I have been speaking to others who have wartime memories.

For me 75 years on the war started on 3rd September, 2014=1939

You were already a soldier when war broke out. A handsome Coldstream Guard actually. I believe you were based at St. James Palace.

I have a picture of you on my living room wall. A copy of the one that used to hang in the Best Room at home. We all have a copy of this picture Dad, all seven of your children are very proud of the life you lived.

Being the baby of the family you were quite old when I was born. I'm thinking you were 49, and Mum would have been 43. The thought of me possibly having a four year old fills me with ooohhhh! And I was rather poorly in my childhood to boot.

Though not my fault, as a mother I now realise how much worry you and Mum must have experienced, not having my final diagnosis until my surgery at age, was I five ?

You willingly went from working on the land to army life. A young to London then war broke out. Your official war diary is so vague. First I believe you were sent to France. I know you were badly injured and the boy you joined up with was killed. Did you get shipped back to Newcastle? For some months you were not fit for active service, but undertook training, especially cooking I believe. So that's how you learnt to cook so well...but only ever when Mum was poorly. Well with Mum and six girls why would you need to!

Next did you go to Africa then Italy? I know you fought in the terrible battle of Monte Casino. In my younger years you were happy to talk about some of the things and as I sat on the arm of your rocking chair you would proudly show me your medals and say about each one, but Dad then I was too young to understand. When I was older you didn't want to talk about it anymore.

I know that when the D day landings took place you were already in France once more, injured again and waiting for a boat to bring you back to England, not too far from the Normandy beaches.

People who knew you before you went to war say you used to be the life and soul of the party, but when you came back that had gone. I always remember you sitting happy to be watching us enjoy ourselves, but never wanting to join in. I don't believe I ever saw you touch a drop of alcohol, or maybe just a small glass of cider with Christmas dinner. I still can't smell cider without being taken back to childhood Christmases. I am also not a big drinker, but do indulge occasionally.

I can never ever remember you overeating. Not once. You worked hard...too hard sometimes. Probably you weren't always easy to live with...stuck in your ways. Your word was the final word.

I know you suffered with nightmares about the war...Mum had to stop you from watching the rememberence services where they dropped the poppies at the end because it caused you too much distress.

We lost Mum in 2003. I can see you now, the week after she died, cutting back the hydrangea heads because Mum had always said it must be done in March. Then you sold the family home to go and live with one of your children the other end of the county. Losing Mum we all found hard, losing the family home as well compounded this, but it was the right thing to do.

At first you did very well, keeping active until getting an infection and losing your confidence to go out. Then you lost the confidence to come downstairs. It was sooo sad to know you spent your days in your room. Surrounded by the past I found it very hard to stay with you in your room for very long. It made me feel so sad.

I now have the picture of the cattle drinking above my fireplace. My husband loves it. It faded somewhat in your very sunny room, but it's still a very special picture to us. I love the sound of the fire in the hearth as much as you did, but instead of an open fire we have a woodburner. Sometimes I sit by it with the door open, lost in my memories.

So Dad, although I can't work out exactly what it was you particularly wanted me to write about, I have tried and hope that doing this experiment is good enough for you. I am going to write extensively about it whilst also studying for a diploma in health care. Your Mother was a nurse wasn't she. Well I'm not nursing but caring for adults with learning disabilities. Quite a change from rearing pheasants!

So goes...the first instalments of my war diaries are on their way...oh and hopefully soon we will get to our Winters End.

Love, J. x


Monday, 20 October 2014

Jumping Salmon

Yesterday we went for an afternoon walk along part of the Tarka Trail. The weather was closing in...clouds looming...but off we went, me hubby and mutt. We were headed for here

Beam weir...earlier I'd had a text from a friend saying that the salmon were jumping. We sadly only got to see a couple jump, and I didn't manage to get a picture of that happening.

We also saw a heron today. It is here that I've seen otters playing. Maybe descendants of the famous Tarka.

I guess we'll have to come back to here again soon. Just as we arrived home the rains came...heavily. Tonight apparently we're going to get the tail end of a hurricane. Joy oh joy...

Tomorrow blustery...and I have to go out....fab....I'll have to conjure up some comfort food for tea, quite what I'm not sure yet....oh by the way....I'm horrified to announce the discovery yesterday of another little presence in the kitchen. Something very small, probably grey and furry...a mouse. This one has been fed some very special food...enough is enough after all.

J. x



Saturday, 18 October 2014

Taking Stock

I've been taking stock of a lot of things...not just in the pantry.

Been trying to count my blessings and not get too bogged down with the whole stress of waiting to move. It is proving to be easier said than done though.

Whilst trying to catch up on paperwork I've been watching episodes of wartime farm and wartime kitchen and garden. I'm going to have to go all out with ideas from these when the rationing experiment starts here in January. I am under no illusions that it will be an easy ride. We have had to take down our polytunnel before the autumn storms blew it away. This has been quite a blow to potential harvesting this autumn and winter. I am determined though. But oh how much easier it would be if we were in our own property, with a larger garden and able to erect our greenhouse....

Right now I'm just so tired. Be it the weather...worries, or this lingering cold, it's beginning to get to me. Hubby seems to have cottoned on and I'm being treated to tea out tonight! Best foot forward everyone.

J. x



Tuesday, 14 October 2014


It's just after six o'clock and I have just pulled the curtains...

The woodburner is roaring...

What I'm about to share with you is really top secret...only you will know!

Here goes...

I'm easily distracted...

That's it I'm afraid...

The scoop of the century not, but for me it's a big thing...

Today I had planned to do office work all day...

Instead I went with my youngest job hunting. She has come to the heartbreaking decision that her current situation of being self employed in a salon as a beauty therapist is just not paying the bills.

She needs to earn some money. Just like we all do. I gave her help with an up to date CV and covering letter. And then off we went. I needed some supplies as well...exciting things such as washing powder and bisto...oh the fun we have had.

In truth I feel a teenie bit flat. She has not been earning a lot so she and her boyfriend very rarely get to go out anywhere like most other young couples do.

My youngest on paper doesn't come up to scratch of having a degree like our other two children but she does posess a lot of practical skills and common sense.

I so want her to be able to get a job and enjoy what she's doing.

If only we could move soon...where we have in mind would have a spare room she could carry on her business part time...another reason I am desperate for things to literally move along soon.

So this gadding about has left me approximately another six hours of office work behind. Tomorrow I have a late shift to do at my other job, now I guess I'll have to rise early and put a good few hours in before I start that shift.

I'm so not getting into paperwork this evening, I'd never sleep else.

On a lighter note this little fella jumped into our trolley today. I have plans to transform him in a week or so!


J. xx



Thursday, 9 October 2014

Comfort Food

Potatoes have to be amongst the top few comfort foods.

There are loads of different ways to prepare them.

This is one good way to use up cold boiled potatoes.

Weigh and mash your cold boiled spuds...add half the weight of potatoes in flour and mix...add half the amount of flour in fat of your Mother used to use suet, but I now prefer to use melted butter...add some sultanas and give it a good old mix...

Her we are before they go in the don't have to be too precise on temperature or cooking time...

We like ours cold and served with golden syrup...

Yum...well this is how me and my girls like it...hubby likes his as an accompaniment to his main meal...son doesn't care for it at all! So it's a girl thing obviously.

J. x


Saturday, 4 October 2014

And The Rain Came Sweeping In

Just as the mists came rolling in so has the rain come sweeping across us.

We cannot complain at all. September was gorgeous. We now need the rain....can't quite believe I'm writing this but it is true. So for now we have stormy skies. Goodbye leaves from the trees...hello the wonder of bare branches and early morning frosts. I will welcome you just as any other season.

What I don't welcome are the traditional round of colds/flu and other nasties that suddenly become more prevalent at this time of year.

Hubby and I are now both fighting some nasty little numbers!

Today I'm up to my elbows in preparing for our local harvest lunch.

Food everywhere but nothing to eat today!!

A busy day tomorrow awaits one who is not really feeling up to the job at all.

Never mind...I may allow myself to feel sorry over a glass of baileys later this evening.

Hoping the photo uploading issue has been overcome...

This is just what my body feels like at the moment...sloe...haha.

Sorry for that, lots of things bubbling away on the Esse.

J. x

Friday, 3 October 2014

Wishful Thinking

In my heart I'm planning a move...

In my head is a whirr of ifs buts and maybes...

But the reality is that we're still playing the waiting game...

Surely soon...some days I feel as though I could burst with the sheer tension of it be so near but still so unsure.

It feels so unfair.

My head feels like it's somewhere in the clouds but my feet feel as though they're stuck in something very deep and glupey.

It is not what I would term a pleasant feeling.

But enough doom and gloom. Sunshine (son) has been home for a few days, though I've been feeling pretty rough, this morning he took me for a ride in his down in October! Quite pleasurable actually. Though we went shopping and you don't fit a lot in a Mazda!

But now with Chelsea bun dough in the breadmaker it's off to dog walk the mutt.

Happy days.

Here was going to be a picture...I know it's on the device, but it won't show up so I can't post it...must be shy.

J. x

Thursday, 2 October 2014


Ever had that feeling of the rug being pulled from under your feet. It happened to me on Monday at work. Whoosh and the world went fuzzy. Recovering slightly I carried on till the end of my shift, then a rather unpleasant drive home feeling woozy.

That evening found me slumped on the sofa, the night of chills and raging temperatures. This carried on through Tuesday. But hey...I'm now off the sofa and hoping to be back at work later today. Albeit feeling a little sorry for myself. So right now I've found a little sun spot in my garden.

The dishes can wait...the dust can settle...I need to rest up a while.

I have one very sad dog. No walkies today, maybe later girl.

J. x


Sunday, 28 September 2014


It's almost like I want winter to come...though I love autumn. I sort of can't wait for it to be cold enough to light the woodburner and just hunker down of an tiny mouse has snuck into the house, I'm not scared but he'll have to go!

OMG...I'm now sat in my hot kitchen holding a piece of string tied to a log. This is propping up a cake cover with hopefully an enticing piece of ham underneath! Mouse come out!!.I could be here for quite some time.

Well well. Slowly it goes.

This is what my life is looking like at the moment. Picking and preserving.

I can only hope Millicent won't want to share. Now I'm all in.

J. x


Hedgerow Treasures

Getting ahead of the game is vitally important for a well stocked pantry this winter. The hedgerows are laden with vitamin rich treats...the trick is getting the berries out of the hedge without leaving too much of your flesh behind! I have quite sore arms at the moment.

This uninspiring looking panful of fruitfulness is the making of rosehip syrup. It actually tastes divine and I can't wait to pour some over ice cream and use it in the bottom of a sponge pudding.

This is a blackberry, apple and sloe fruit leather. Best for snacking on or I may try pieces in a cake.

Anyway there are a multitude of ways to store and preserve. All fairly hard work but in my opinion very rewarding to do. I've been picking and preparing again this morning, though sadly not blackberries as it was just too damp. I need to do a quick tidy up now before going to work...oh and I mustn't forget to shake the gins...sloe and blackberry.

So winter will come...but hopefullyI'll be ready!

J. x


Friday, 26 September 2014

Goodbye Summer

The first nips of autumn have been felt around here. Summer has said farewell for this year.

The leaves are falling.

The nights are cold and we awake to misty mornings.

Cobwebs glisten in the sun as she breaks through the chill morning air.

This time is special...the forerunner to winter, a time to gather in the last of the harvests.

Be not idle in the autumn, for winter will follow and with an empty larder you will pay dear during the harsh months to come.

Nature has provided us with her bounties, it is up to us to make the most of these gifts.

These lovelies are sitting in the window by my sink. The colours of autumn are beautiful.

In preparation for winter I have potted up bulbs, tulips, daffs and iris, topped with violas and cyclamen. They are creating a nice splash of colour by the house walls and hopefully will continue to do so for quite some time.

I fear we are getting to the end of the bean the wind has picked up, something I'm sure the beans will not appreciate at all.

Yesterday I picked a load of blackberries to make blackberry gin...

This morning I collected these...sloes for sloe gin...We're obviously planning a boozy winter!

I also rescued these from a bonfire pile and hope to get creative soon...just not today as I soon need to get off to work...big sigh!

Get harvesting,

J. x







Monday, 22 September 2014



Here's my list of dislikes in no particular order...

Spiders...I ended up in casualty once due to spider bites.

Drunk people...I find their actions embarrassing.

Road rage...just hold on to your tempers!

Cruelty...never justified to man or beast.

Succulents....sorry you're just not my cup of tea. way!

TV soaps...usually depressing, and rather a waste of time...sorry avid watchers.

Golf...dodgy trousers don't do it for me.

Cold callers...just don't!!

These are my most disliked dislikes...maybe tomorrow I'll divulge my favourite things.

J. x