Saturday, 2 February 2013

A rewarding job

Been absent for a few days from this blog...truth be told I'm bloomin well knackered, having started my care workers job this week. Having done the initial training, I'm now out there and really learning. Sleep has been elusive to me after three am most mornings , as there is so much new information rattling around in my head, but I've met some truly lovely people and hope that a sort of routine will allow sleep to get back to normal soon.
So what has everyone else been up to. I have just received some hexagon quilt cutters, and am excited to settle down to some quilting from thrifted fabrics. Fun fun fun!
The sun is out today, shining beautifully and showing me just how dirty our windows really are, also isn't Candlemas day supposed to be halfway through winter, and if it's fine and sunny we still have winter weather to come ahead. Oh well, cold and crisp has got to beat dull and dank any day.
until next time,
J. xx

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