Friday, 11 January 2013

The sun came out today!

What a day...some sunshine which is so welcome after all the dullness we've been getting lately. Part of the patio has been bleached and scrubbed, and boy did it need it! Hasn't it turned chilly though...a proper cold wind has been blowing here especially this afternoon. Still the fires are burning and we've hot water a plenty thanks to the good old Esse, a right workhorse if ever there was one, oh and before any of you say that water is bloomin' expensive so not to use it, let me tell you that I know it's expensive...I pay the bill, and that we've been refused a meter because they would have to close the road to put one in....huff, consequently we have to pay through the nose no matter how careful we are. Thanks S.W. Water.
Rant over, keep calm and run a bath then?
Anyway, day three of Heidi on her special diet, she's still scratching, but early days I suppose.
I could do with having a special diet, as in half rations probably, and by the way it's looking on the ten pound a week grocery spend for January and February that could be the sum total of it.
Oh it's Friday night so that means Ice Road Truckers...watched this last week and it's looking a bit more like it was in series one...yippee...any other fans...think it's that I have such a thing about Canada.
Right...expensive bath is a bubbling so might as well make the most of it!
Keep warm. J. X

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