Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Garden

Though I trouble and toil away,

That I'm not in the garden is hardly a day,

Still I can't conquer that tended to look,

Even by using a hoe and a hook.

The weeds love to grow,

In between all the shrubs,

And given chance to sow,

Would fill all the tubs!

We've lots of slugs and snails,

That munch through the leaves,

And leave lots of trails,

Then scatter the seeds.

There's thistles that grow high,

So stately they look,

But they're very very sharp,

To tread on with your foot.

Last year I tried to grow some veg,

Alas that was not to be,

The harvest consisted of,

Just one carrot and a pea.

I might try again,

In a few years from now,

Perhaps I'll invest,

In a horse and a plough.

I say we have the natural look,

One you wouldn't find

In many a book,

And so perhaps I think I'll keep,

This garden that...

Is far from neat!

By me!

J. xx

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