Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Not so frugal

So I'd sort of set myself a ten pound a week for food spend for the whole of January and February...today it seems I've come unhinged slightly during a trip to Sainsbugs. I have in fact spent quite a lot more than ten pounds, but...yes there is a but...I still think I've bought wisely and have made use of their current special offers. So as long as I don't have a major splash out every time things won't be so bad after all.
Looks like I'll be starting my caring job proper at the end of this week, so need some easy meals to ease me into my shift patterns. I shall need to keep my strength up, but am well aware that being a few pounds lighter would be better for me.
Hopefully the chap who is sorting out our Esse cooker will have the new part needed today and come and fix it for us...it's mighty cold and damp here without that little darling going 24/7.
Even with the wood burner going in the living room things just aren't so toasty at all.
Right hen...enough rambling, the bread needs making and shopping neds putting away. Am trying to ignore the howling winds and rain lashing against thw windows...time for some good music!
Take care,
J. xx

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