Monday, 14 January 2013

Must try harder.

So the title of the post is must try what, well maybe everything really...every single thing I start out to do....I must try harder to make sure it doesn't become a UFO.
I've had a really busy day so far, helping hubby cut some steel, and I've just finished breasting five brace of pheasant. The dogs have been let back into the kitchen and are finding the stray feathers fascinating to play with.
Tonight is men's skittle night so a quiet one for me later on. Do I spend it blog surfing or knitting, or make an attempt to re-learn how to crochet. I've been shown how so many times it's ridiculous really.
And I must learn to add photos to this blog...hang on a minute...
Oops no good...must try harder to learn!!!
But for now, some light relaxation before tea.

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