Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Just a quickie!

Very very tired after quite an eventful day...

Started at just after six thirty this morning...it had snowed then turned to ice...the result was first I couldn't open the car, then I couldn't defrost the darn thing in time to get youngest to the bus on time for college...bother bother.

A few hours later, car thawed..went to local Morrisons for the weekly shop...no pound coin so humped round a very heavy basket...thanks Morrisons for your signs saying you won't issue change for trolleys...love you too. And what a silly place to put the vinegar...really.

Next to the bigger town, and the drive round the hideous barn-henge roundabout...at least before you chopped off all the stick-up bits it put a smile on people's faces...now on a grey cold day it just looks grey and cold.

After a few more errands I had my interview for becoming a care worker...and guess what...,training starts Thursday!

Back home to clean out one smitching Esse cooker for the second day running...oil I hate you...seems like we got a dump load of poor grade stuff. Gee thanks!

And so I'm tired!

J. xx

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