Thursday, 10 January 2013

Is this a sore throat?

Ok, so I'm back from my early morning trip to get the youngest off to is sooo foggy out there...yikes! Go careful, but now I'm in, warm and have drunk the obligatory cup of tea something seems to be brewing trouble at the back of my throat...and a few sneezes...have they been a mere coincidence or am I headed for a stinker? Yuck. Lots to do today...sorry customers but you will be receiving a bill visit very soon. A necessary evil I'm afraid. Leftover cottage pie will take the strain off me as far as our evening meal is concerned so yippee on that front. That is if Heidi keeps her paws to herself...she is a Newfie and recently has developed some skin issues. Yesterday I bought her some hypo allergenic salmon flavour food, so in two to three weeks if the food was the issue she should be on the mend. Poor girlie, she gives so much love, but being itchy can make you a little less than sociable at times. Bless her little cottons. So to work to work, good music playing can help, but I can't possibly ignore the in tray and bulging pile of filing any longer....sadly!
J. X

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