Monday, 7 January 2013

Goodness me!

Well I'll be's the 7th today already and I seem to have slipped very early off the blogging bandwagon...excuses...eldest daughter travelled back to her house on the 2nd. Jan...worried mother...then son travelled back to his uni digs yesterday...both these journeys were well over 3 hours long and I still feel awful when I know how far they have to drive. Both arrived safely, but my energy levels seem to have been pushed back to zero and tomorrow is the first early rise as I have to get youngest daughter to the bus in time for her long journey to Exeter college. Joy oh joy.

I am determined that this year I shall be more on top of things and will NOT leave making everything for a homemade Christmas until November! I have already started on a couple small knitting projects and hope soon to have a root around in the charity shops for some blue-ish material for quilting...big project planned...and I promise that I will learn how to upload some pictures very soon!

Ok so another reason I've been slacking is that I've been reading my daily dose of other peoples blogs...usually Frugal Queen, Foster Mummy, stay at home Mummy, and hollabaloo homestead. See...can't be reading and writing at the same time. But today after the morning spent paper working for hubby's agricultural business, the pull of blogger became just too much.

I also spent some money today...good spending though...a few pounds on some zips...yep I wanted some tiny 4" zips along with some other sizes and found a cheap online supplier as I have been unable to source them locally... Can't give too much away but the tiny ones may be destined for some pretty little fair isle purses that I'm knitting...looking good so far though!

Tonight's tea may not be want everyone wants, but hopefully it will be adequate...frozen leftover turkey in a creamy sauce with mashed potatoes and a selection of veg...I am so determined to use up what we have in the store cupboard and freezer. The children were horrified when I disclosed to them just how little I intended spending in this area for the whole of January and February...ten pounds per week...yes just ten pounds...O.M.G.!

Enough ramblings for today though...hope that the people who happen across them find a smile as they read what I write, and maybe want to return for another look sometime soon,
Until then, take care, J.xx

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