Saturday, 19 January 2013

Arctic blast felt!

Yes, I can appreciate what is feeling to me like a decidedly arctic frontal! Though not appreciate in it's usual sense. Basically, I'm blinking we'll cold. Having spent the morning a cutting and a grinding in hubby's workshop, I've come home and lit the fire and cooked some what my mother used to call heel-taps...small odd shapes of potato cut like for a teddy pasty...fried in a small frying pan, with enough oil to cover...oldest daughter used to say she didn't like chips, but loved these so called heel-taps!

Speaking of eldest, she was supposed to come home this weekend, but was stopped by the weather, and apparently has five whole inches of snow....that's one mighty big snowman worth. Here we had another scatting last night, but nothing like the night before, and nothing like our infamous blizzard of February 1978, when we were snowed in for had to go and milk the cows by climbing out the front best room window and following the power lines across the tops of hedges....yes we did have a best room...used mainly only at strange now, but growing up it seemed quite was certainly very special. I certainly don't have a best room, just well lived in chaos cosines!

So how have you all been managing to keep warm...clean answers only please! Would be lovely to get some comments...I know people read cos the page counter tells me! Don't be shy!!

J. xx

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